Soy Luna is the first soundtrack from the Disney Channel Latin America telenovela of the same name. It was released worldwide on February 26, 2016. It features the singles "Alas" and "Sobre ruedas."

Track List

No. Title Singers Composers Length
1. "Alas" Karol Sevilla Eduardo Emilio Frigerio, Federico San Millán & Florencia Ciarlo 3:18
2. "Valiente" Michael Ronda Federico Vilas & Mauro Franceschini 3:10
3. "Eres" Karol Sevilla & Michael Ronda Sebastian Carlos Mellino, Pablo Correa & Alejandro Vergara 2:29
4. "Prófugos" Ruggero Pasquarelli & Valentina Zenere Gustavo Cerati & Alberto Ficicchia 3:59
5. "Un destino" Michael Ronda, Lionel Ferro & Gastón Vietto Frigerio, Millán & Ciarlo 4:01
6. "Sobre ruedas" Female Cast Vilas & Franceschini 2:24
7. "Corazón" Agustín Bernasconi & Malena Ratner Jorge Serrano 3:10
8. "Mírame a mí" Valentina Zenere Mellino, Correa & Vergara 2:25
9. "I'd Be Crazy" Male Cast Jordan Mohilowski & Dan Ostebo 3:48
10. "Siento" Ruggero Pasquarelli Vilas & Franceschini 4:08
11. "Invisibles" Michael Ronda, Lionel Ferro & Gastón Vietto Frigerio & Millán 3:05
12. "Camino" Cast Mellino, Correa & Vergara 2:49
Italian Edition
13. "Tutto è possibile" Karol Sevilla Frigerio, Millán & Ciarlo 3:19
14. "Non arrenderti mai" Michael Ronda Vilas & Franceschini 3:10
Dutch Edition
13. "Niet te Stoppen" Shalisa van der Laan & Ridder van Kooten Frigerio, Millán & Ciarlo 3:18
Nordic Edition[note 1]
13. "Vinger" SERVED Frigerio, Millán & Ciarlo 3:18
14. "Vingar" Main Four Frigerio, Millán & Ciarlo 3:18
15. "Vinger" Julie Bjerre Frigerio, Millán & Ciarlo 3:18
  1. The "Nordic" edition is currently only available in Sweden.


Chart Peak Position Ref.
Germany 20 (1 week) [1]
Austria 8 (1 week) [2]
France 6 (1 week) [3]
Spain 1 (2 weeks) [4]
Portugal 3 (1 week) [5]

Liner Notes


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  • This album was simultaneously released in Latin America and the United States, a first for a Disney Channel Latin American Television Series.
  • Each song is credited to Elenco de Soy Luna (Cast of Soy Luna), instead of to the individual singers on each song.
  • The songs "Prófugos" and "Corazón" are cover songs.
  • The songs "Alas" and "Sobre ruedas" were both released as singles before the full album was released.
  • In the liner notes of the album, Carolina Kopelioff was not credited for singing any songs, but according to information provided by Universal Music Group to YouTube, she sings in "Camino."[6]
  • The album was released on May 13, 2016 in Portugal.[7]
  • The album reached the top of the iTunes Charts in Argentina, Chile, and Colombia.[8]
  • The Italian version of the soundtrack was released on June 10, 2016, and includes two extra songs: "Tutto è possibile" and "Non arrenderti mai".[9]
  • Six months after its release in the United States, the album had barely sold over a hundred copies.[10]
  • The album received a Platinum certification in Argentina and a Gold certification in Spain and Chile.[11]
  • In-universe, exactly half of the songs on this album are at least partly written by the Roller Band.


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