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Simón Álvarez is a main character on Soy Luna. He is a funny and caring boy from Mexico, who loves music and skating. Simón is Luna Valente's best friend, but his feelings for her go beyond just friendship. With his good friends and co-workers Nico and Pedro, he forms the Roller Band.

He is portrayed by Michael Ronda.


Simón is sweet and cares about his best friend, Luna, a lot. He is full of jokes and very humble. He has a good heart and is always ready to give words of encouragement and cheer on his friends. His passions are skating, writing songs, and playing the guitar.


Season 1

Part 1

Simón is out of school and works at Foodger Wheels in Cancún, Mexico. He is not the best worker, often neglecting his duties to play the guitar and goof off. He enjoys skating, but it is more of a hobby than a passion, in contrast to his best friend Luna Valente.

Simón leaving Cancún

One day at work, Luna tells Simón about a dream she had that included a melody. Simón takes the melody and writes a song around it with his guitar. Simón is saddened when he learns that Luna is moving away to Argentina, and must say a heartfelt goodbye to her. While Luna is in Argentina, Simón calls her daily and sends her recordings of the song he's working on, which is now called "Valiente" (Brave). After losing his job at Foodger, he decides to move to Buenos Aires with his last paycheck.

In Argentina, Simón finds Luna at Jam & Roller hours before the first Open Music of the year. Luna introduces him to Pedro and Nico, who are looking for a guitarist.

The Roller Band in their music video

Simón offers them "Valiente" to play, and the performance goes well. Together, they decide to form the Roller Band. The Roller Band performs at every subsequent Open Music, and writes two additional songs "Un destino" and "Invisibles." They film a music video for "Invisibles," which premieres at the Boys vs. Girls Open Music. Simón ends up spending most of his time with Pedro and Nico because he got a job at Jam & Roller and moved into their apartment after having to hide in the Benson Mansion's warehouse during his first weeks in Argentina.

Beyond Luna and the Roller Band, Simón made some other minor relationships at Jam & Roller. Through Luna, Simón befriends Nina Simonetti, who is the first person he tells about his crush on Luna.

Simón and Matteo almost fighting on stage

When Jazmín Carvajal sees Simón for the first time, she develops a crush on him, but is discouraged by Ámbar Smith from pursuing it. Ámbar's advice is futile, as Jazmín asks Simón for music lessons to be closer to him. Additionally, Matteo immediately takes a disliking to Simón, which Simón reciprocates. Their rivalry comes to a head at the Chicas vs. Chicos Open Music when they almost begin to fight on stage before they are separated by Luna.

Since Simón really wanted to focus on his music and the Roller Band, he initially declines Luna's partnership in the International Skating Competition.

Simón singing "Eres" to Luna

After seeing just how much Luna wants to be in it, though, he changes his mind and pairs up with her. During rehearsals for the competition, Simón tells Luna that he likes her and tries to kiss her, but Luna only likes him as a friend. Simón's feelings for Luna do not change, though, and he writes "Eres," a love song, for her. Simón and Luna make it to finals of the skating competition and travel to San Nicolás together. There, he meets Mar and goes on a date with her. Luna sees Mar kiss Simón's check and gets jealous. To reassure Luna of his feelings, Simón shows "Eres" to Luna, but she says she's still confused about her feelings.

Tino, and Cato trying to get Simón back to the competition

Hours before Simón is meant to compete in finals, he is kidnapped by Tino and Cato due to a misunderstanding. He is eventually let go, but he is too late and misses his performance time with Luna. Simón arrives just in time to see Matteo Balsano kiss Luna, devastating him.

Part 2

Simón wants to go back to Mexico, but Luna doesn't want him too, so she plans a big surprise for him to convince him to stay.

Simón and Luna have a short-lived relationship.

After seeing Luna's presentation, he decides to stay in Buenos Aires. Later, he meets his old friend Daniela and they start to date. Luna doesn't like her and tries to tell Simon that she's bad news, but he doesn't believe her. After one of Daniela's lies are exposed, Simón breaks up with her, and pursues Luna once again. They date until Simon realizes that Luna still only loves him as a friend, so he breaks up with her.

The Roller Band receives an opportunity to perform in a live-streamed concert, but it is on the same day as the Intercontinental Skating Competition, so he says he will choose to do the competition for Luna. When Luna hears about what Simón did, she tells him that they will find time to do both, and the two successfully participate in the competition and concert.

Season 2

Part 1

Simón is a part of Jam & Roller's video to qualify for the competition. He participates in the Open Music Solistas competition and is tied to win with Matteo. To determine the winner, he performs at the Roller Jam Gala with Ámbar, against Matteo and Luna. When Nico and Pedro fight over (who they think is) Eva, Simón falls off the stage and is hurt. He quits the band over their constant arguments.

Part 2

Simón and Matteo get interviewed about their solo careers

Simón pursues a solo music career, but is sabotaged by Matteo and Vidia. After some time, he re-joins the Roller Band.

He falls in love with Ámbar, and they briefly get together. After he discovers that Ámbar was the one that started the fire in Jam & Roller, they break up. In Cancún, he gets really close again to Luna.

Season 3

Part 1

Simón with Ámbar at Luna's party

Luna's romantic feelings for Simón have returned, but he is hung up over Ámbar and writes "Tiempo de amor" for her. Since Matteo is left alone with Gastón away at Oxford, he gets close to Matteo and asks him to join the Roller Band.

Part 2

After the Roller Band loses their apartment, he moves into Luna's home, once again. He says goodbye to Nico as he leaves for New York. Emma visits Jam & Roller from England and has a crush on Simón, but he only has eyes for Ámbar.

At the end of the season, he gets back together with Ámbar, and they end the series happily together.


Simón in ONCE

Simón makes a guest appearance in an episode of the Disney Channel XD LA show ONCE. He is a mascot for the visiting soccer team playing Los Halcones Dorados and gets in a fight with their mascot Celeste. After clarifying to Celeste that the fight was just pretend and for entertainment, he invites her for a drink at Jam & Roller.

The episode aired after Soy Luna's series finale, but the episode could have potentially taken place chronologically sometime before the end of the third season. If the episode indeed takes place after Season 3, Simón's flirtatious interaction with Celeste suggests that Ámbar and him may have broken up.



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  • He can play the guitar, as well as many other instruments.
  • He is an experienced songwriter and has written songs such as "Valiente," "Eres," "Siempre juntos," "Cuenta conmigo," "Yo quisiera," "Andaremos," and "Tiempo de Amor."
  • His roller skates are similar to Luna's, in that opposite wheels are opposite colors.
  • He is often seen wearing a beanie.
  • He sang the song "Música en ti" at Ámbar's birthday party.
  • He has been a music teacher to both Jazmín and Ámbar.
  • He dislikes heavy metal and his favorite music genre is pop.[1]
  • His favorite Mexican dish is cochinita pibil.[1]
  • He is a fan of the Underwheels.
  • He has a grandmother back in Cancún.
  • He snores while sleeping.
  • He dislikes horror movies.[2]
  • His favorite dessert is tres leches cake, which is a sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk.[3]
  • He, along with Luna, Ámbar and Jazmín, appeared in every episode of the series.
  • With three different girlfriends, he is the main character that has been in the most relationships, tied with his current girlfriend, Ámbar.
  • Simón is indirectly mentioned in BIA by Jazmín. When Bia tells her that she does not sing, Jazmín says that she used to not sing until she got help from a friend, which would be Simón.[4]
  • Simón is left handed.


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