Sharon Benson is a character in the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna. She is one the main antagonists of the show. She is portrayed by Lucila Gandolfo.


Sharon can be very bitter and cold at times, but she actually has good intentions with regard to her employees. She is saddened by Sol's presumed death, and tries to make sure the people all around her do not suffer the same fate. She's incredibly strategic and plans out her every step. She makes sacrifices for a better cause, and she is shown to be a risk-taker.

Her love for Ámbar is enormous, but she has incredibly high expectations for her. This is shown when Ámbar receives second place in the skating competition and Sharon lightly scolds her, and again when she finishes first, telling her that she'll congratulate her when she wins. It's presumed she does that to offer the best for her goddaughter, something that she couldn't do for Sol in time. However, Ámbar takes this scolding to heart, suggesting that Sharon should be a little less cold towards her.

In Season 2, Sharon's father, Alfredo, says that Sharon was extremely disciplined and intelligent already as a child. She always displayed impeccable behavior and passed every test with flying colors. However, even then she was already very serious, slightly melancholic and demanding, the latter being said to be inherited from her mother. In addition, Alfredo called Sharon the opposite of her sister Lili.

Character History

Early Years

Sharon and her sister Lili used to be very close when they were young. They stayed close until Sharon began to envie Lili for all the things she had their mother died when they very young, and their father, out of sorrow, shut everyone out and travaled much to avoid being home. He also started treating the sisters differently and favor Lili over Sharon. Sharon claims that Alfredo only had eyes for Lili and Sharon was her younger sister's shadow.

Before the show

When Sharon and Lili were about Ámbar's age they both was in love with the same man, Bernie Benson, with Lili ending up being the one able to win his heart. According to Sharon though, Lili stole Bernie from her. It is said that Sharon enjoyed opera singing, and possibly worked as an opera singer.

After Lili and Bernie got married the couple along with Sharon moved into a mansion with LilI later giving birth to her daughter Sol. Sharon was very fond of her Niece as she once went to her cradle and spoke lovingly to her Bernie who was filming a Video of Sol Caught her, Bernie talked With Her and told her that he loves her a lot but only as a Friend Sharon Was Upset And Stormt out of The Room believing that Only said that so she would stop hating Lili. When Lili, a few years later through a letter found out that Sharon was in love with her husband, the two had a fight which resulted in Lili tripping and tugging at a curtain while falling into the fireplace, which made the curtain catch fire that soon spread through the house.

After the fire and the death of Lili, Bernie and, presumably, Sol, Sharon changed her surname to Benson to honor their memory. She took inherited the Benson fortune and everything in the ownership of Bernie. Later she adopted Ámbar Smith since her mother was too young to raise her. She renovated the mansion and moved in there with the young Ámbar. Some time later she hired Rey as her personal secretary and Amanda as her maid.

at somepoint she became friends with Maggie According to Maggie she and Sharon where Best Friends

Shortly before the show, Sharon had just visited New York with Ámbar and Rey.

Season 1

She arrives in Cancún on a layover with her goddaughter Ámbar, and her secretary Rey. When she tastes Mónica Valente's cooking, she offers her a job in Buenos Aires. Back in Buenos Aires she finds out that her, previously presumed deceased, niece Sol survived the fire which killed her parents, Sharon's sister and brother-in-law.

Season 2

In the second season her father moves back into the Benson Mansion. She finds out that Luna Valente is Sol Benson which causes her to temporary lose her mind, but she soon hatches a plan to keep Luna from finding out the truth. She does this by convincing Ámbar that she is the missing Sol Benson, but on the end, it was futile as everyone discovers the truth, which causes Sharon to flee the country.

Season 3

In the third season she returns to Argentina to get revenge on the Valentes and her father for stealing "her" fortune, even though Luna is the rightful heir of the Bensons' assets. She starts using wigs and uses multiple aliases in order to not be recognized. As part of her plan she hires her old friend Maggie to spy on the Valentes and Alfredo by posing as a housemaid. She even Managed to convince Rey into helping her taking her revenge he agrees to help her under the condition that they are partners after he found out that Sharon also hired Maggie as a partner he was furious because she didn’t told him about her but Sharon convinced them to Work Together so She Can Take her revenge And they getting the Money. during the Seasons often meets with Rey & Maggie to know something new about What Happens in The Mansion she finds out that the Valentes are Hirering a Lawyer to take care of the succession of the Benson family


  • The name 'Sharon' means 'plain'.
  • She thought that Sol Benson was dead, now she knows it is Luna.
  • She is only interested in Sol Benson because of her money.
  • She had a crush on Bernie Benson, her brother-in-law.
    • She claims that Lili stole Bernie from her.
  • Her relationship status was seldom discussed until Season 2/Episode 64, where her father revealed that she has never been married, nor in a relationship, as love for her died when Bernie, her first and only crush, died.
  • Her style is elegant, and she is often seen wearing pearl necklaces and earrings.
  • She can sometimes be heard shouting for her employees during scenes.
  • She is afraid of rats. This is revealed in Season 1/Episode 75, as she passes out when Rey tells her that Tino and Cato found rats in the Benson House.
  • In the UK dub, she will be voiced by Collen Daley.[1]
  • In Season 2/Episode 17, she reveals that she changed her surname to Benson to honor Lili and Bernie.
  • According to her father, she used to sing opera.
  • She studied in Paris in when she was young.
  • She redeemed herself in Season 3/Episode 60 and tearfully told Ámbar how sorry she was for being a bad influence on her, ending her vendetta against the Valentes.


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