Shambar (Sha/ron and Á/mbar) is the family pairing of Sharon Benson and Ámbar Smith.


Before the Show

Sharon Benson adopts Ámbar Smith when she is very young, but hides this fact from Ámbar. Ámbar long believed that her parents were working in Europe and traveled much, therefore she had to live with her "godmother" Sharon instead. On her birthdays, Sharon would buy her presents that she said were from her parents.

Season 1

Ámbar and Sharon are shown to have a somewhat strained relationship. Whenever Ámbar doesn't like something, such as Mónica's cooking or Luna, she complains about it to Sharon, who doesn't want to hear it. Ámbar is also shown yearning for Sharon's affection and affirmation, but Sharon always treats her coldly. This can be seen after the first round of the skating competition, when Ámbar jealously watches Luna's parents praise her for her efforts. She then goes and tells Sharon about her performance and how she and Matteo came second, but Sharon says that she will congratulate her when she comes first. Ámbar then suggests that Sharon come to the next round of the competition to watch her skate, but Sharon says that she has no time for things like that, and Ámbar disappointedly walks away.

Season 2

In the second season, things start to get more complicated in Shambar's relationship. After Sharon, with the help of Rey finds out that Luna is her niece Sol Benson, Sharon starts to worry about how to avoid Luna finding out the truth and thereby protect her fortune.



  • Both have blonde hair.
  • Both have blue eyes.
  • Both live in the Benson household.
  • Both are female.
  • Both are Argentine.


  • Ámbar is more of a girly, preppy girl, while Sharon has more refined tastes.
  • Sharon is much older than Ámbar.
  • Sharon had a sister, while Ámbar was born an only child.
  • Ámbar is still in school, but Sharon is not.


  • Even though she never shows it, Sharon cares deeply for Ámbar, and they both confide in each other.


Song - The Shambar song could be Prófugos, as it could describe their relationship pretty accurately.

Episode - The Shambar episode could be Season 2/Episode 80, when Sharon leaves and she tells Ámbar that she is her only family.

Color - The Shambar color could be white, since they both wear it often.

Place - The Shambar place could be the Benson House, because they both lived there a big part of their lives.


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