Episode 60 is the sixtieth episode of the third season of Soy Luna, and the two-hundred and twentieth episode overall. This is also the final episode of the third season of Soy Luna and the final episode of the series. It aired on August 17, 2018.


It is River Live Fest and Luna´s eighteenth birthday.



Major Events

  • Luna finds a recording with Sharon, Bernie, and little Sol in the mysterious box.
    • It’s revealed that Sharon loved Luna like a daughter, but she couldn’t overcome her hatred for her sister Lili. Sharon met Bernie before Lili did and believes that she was slighted
  • Sharon is seriously injured by the fire and loses her eyesight permanently.
  • Jam & Roller Team's performance opens RiverLiveFest.
  • Rey and Maggie are sentenced to community works.
  • Alfredo, Mónica and Miguel organize a party for Luna's 18th birthday.


Main Cast

Note: In this episode, Augustín Bernasconi, Lionel Ferro and Joaquín Berthold were absent.

Songs Featured


  • Action of this episode starts a month after the events of previous episode.
  • It's revealed that Sharon met Bernie earlier than Lili.
  • It's assumed that Emilia and Benicio become a couple, just like Yam and Ramiro.
  • There was a scene filmed for this episode of everybody singing "Alas" at Luna's party, but it was cut.[1]


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