Episode 75 is the seventy-fifth episode of the second season of Soy Luna, and the one-hundred and fifty-fifth episode overall. It aired on September 22, 2017.





Major Events

  • Alfredo is imprisoned at a mental hospital by Rey and Sharon after finding out that Luna is his grandaughter.
  • Luna dreams about the fire and sleepwalks in the mansion for the first time, and is eventually caught sitting in a corner by Sharon.
  • Juliana allows Yam, Pedro, Nico, Nina and Jazmín to go to Mexico along with the rest of the Jam & Roller Skating Team.
  • Yam and Ramiro share their fourth kiss and get back together.
  • Matteo makes up with his dad who now has decided to support his son's dream, and, by his advice, Matteo decides to study Business Administration in Buenos Aires, while pursuing his music career.
  • Ámbar secretly records Jam & Roller's trump step.
  • Sharon fires Rey after finding out that he was the blackmailer all along.


Main Cast

Songs Featured



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