Episode 71 is the seventy-first episode of the second season of Soy Luna, and the one-hundred and fifty-first episode overall. It aired on September 18, 2017.





Major Events

  • Amanda, Miguel, Mónica, Nina and Simón find out that Ámbar isn't Sol Benson.
  • Nina decides to stay in Buenos Aires and write for Amigos de Patin ("Friends of Rollerskates").
  • Ricardo goes back to Miami.
  • Ámbar tells Luna that her parents are being moved to Cancún.
  • The recording of Matteo's album is cancelled, due to Gary (who's now a co-owner of Jam & Roller) wanting to invest solely in the skating team.
  • Ámbar and Simón have a movie date in her room.
  • Simón finds the handkerchief Ámbar used to cover the camera.
  • Matteo tells Luna he wrote Siento for her.
  • Matteo kisses Luna for the fourth time.


Main Cast

Note: In this episode Caro Ibarra, Paula Kohan, Diego Sassi Alcalá and Germán Tripel were missing.

Songs Featured



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