Episode 69 is the sixty-ninth episode of the second season of Soy Luna, and the one-hundred and forty-ninth episode overall. It aired on September 14, 2017.





Major Events

  • Luna realizes that Roberto Muñoz wasn't her father like she previously believed.
  • Simón accepts and later wins over Gary in the skate duel. Gary thereby allows Simón, Pedro and Nico to return to their apartment.
  • Jazmín records the girls' (Delfina, Jim and Yam's) video to Fab and Chic.
  • Juliana reveals that she knew that Simón, Pedro and Nico slept at Jam & Roller for a few nights.
  • Rey discovers that Miguel helped Luna and Nina get information from the nursing home.
  • Gary becomes a new co-owner of Jam & Roller and wants to make big changes, starting with renaming it and its skating team to "Red Sharks", like his surfing team is called.
  • Sharon decides to send Miguel, Mónica and Luna to Cancún, to stop them from finding out the truth.
  • Luna finds the drawing from her dreams.


Main Cast

Songs Featured


  • For some reason, Mano a mano is multiple times stated to be the girl groups' song, even by Jazmín, who was the one to originally sing it.


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