Episode 68 is the sixty-eighth episode of the second season of Soy Luna, and the one-hundred and forty-eighth episode overall. It aired on September 13, 2017.





Major Events

  • The black roses with the message "Ámbar is not Sol Benson" that Rey ordered, arrived at the mansion. It went as planned and Ámbar accepted the delivery instead of Luna.
  • Ricardo comes back from Miami to help Nina convince her mom to let her go on the exchange year.


Main Cast

Songs Featured


  • There is a small continuity problem in this episode. After the brawl about Eva and Ada, Juliana banned the Roller Band from ever playing at Jam & Roller again. But now, after Simón rejoined the band, they are suddenly allowed to perform again.
    • However, this might be due to how Juliana let them play together with Yam for the semi finals, and then let them play with Delfina after she replaced Yam. So when Simón rejoined the band and they started to play again, she just let them be.


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