Episode 10 is the tenth episode of the second season of Soy Luna, and the ninetieth episode overall. It aired on April 28, 2017.


Luna does not understand what she hears Matteo say about her, but Nina thinks his feelings are obvious.




Main Cast

Note: In This Episode Estela Ribeiro, David Muri, Diego Sassi Alcalá and Germán Tripel were absent.

Songs Featured


  • Having had enough of her decreasing popularity, Ámbar (out of jealousy and fury) purposely spills soda on the cameras' rack, causing the Jam & Roller to have a temporary blackout and later to start the fire that burnt the rink to the ground after one of the cameras has a technical failure.
  • Sharon and Rey hatch a plan to prevent Luna from ever finding out the truth by having Ámbar to pose as Sol Benson in order to save her fortune, with Amanda overhearing their conversation.
  • Ámbar and Jazmín wore the same costume at the RollerJam party.


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