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Episode 01 is the first episode of the Disney Channel Latin America series Soy Luna. It aired on March 14, 2016 in Latin America.


Luna loves roller skating and is lucky enough to have a part-time job where she can practice her hobby. But then the new boss of her parents gives an ultimatum: either the family follows her to Buenos Aires, or her parents are fired.


Luna has a dream. She is dancing on skates until she loses her necklace and wakes up. As she checks her neck for her necklace, Luna's mother, Mónica, comes into her room and tells her she is running super late. Luna tells her mother about her dream, gets dressed, and leaves the house to go to work.

Ámbar, her godmother, and Rey are seen in a car together. They are all on their phones. Rey is talking about business, Sharon is confirming her arrival in Cancún, and Ámbar is attempting to contact her boyfriend, Matteo, without luck.

Upon arriving at work, Luna is seen by best friend Simón falling into a sign. Simón laughs and walks out to greet Luna at the door. Their strict boss comes and lectures Luna, while Simón tries to make her laugh. She tells Luna that if she is late again, she will be fired.

Sharon arrives at the Canún mansion, and meets Miguel Valente, the manager of the mansion. Ámbar can been seen on the phone again, calling Matteo, who is skating with some friends. Miguel then introduces his wife Mónica, the chef on the property. Sharon informs them that the trip will be short, and asks Mónica to prepare lobster. Ámbar requests for juice and some flowers.

Back at Foodger Wheels, Luna's workplace, Luna tells Simón her dream about the roller rink, and Simón comments on how she's always skating, and to tell him when she dreams about dancing elephants. Luna then hums the melody from her dream until the boss interrupts her, and gears her up to make a delivery. Simón claps to cheer Luna on as she leaves to make the delivery until the boss commands him to stop.

In Bueno Aires, at Jam & Roller, Pedro and Nico are discussing the new job opening to be a rink assistant. They think it would be a good idea to ask Delfina and Jazmín Gorjesi to advertise the position on their channel. After trying to pit the responsibility on each other to ask, Nico finally concedes and asks Delfina and Jazmín. The girls reject the offer, and tell Nico they are about to call Ámbar. Jaamín shows Delfina the questions she came up with to interview Ámbar, and Delfina crosses off all of them, telling Jazmín that they will have to improvise.

Back in Cancún, the maid delivers the flowers and juice to Ámbar, sitting poolside. Ámbar receives a call from Delfina and Jazmín, who asks where Matteo is. Ámbar tells them that he is outside, that he gifted her the flowers, and that when he returns they can ask her all the questions they want.

Luna returns from her delivery, and is greeted by the entire staff clapping. The boss tells her she delivered the food in good time.

Miguel and Mónica are talking in the kitchen, while Mónica prepares the lobster. Mónica tells Miguel that she is worried about Luna with her skates and friends. Miguel responds by saying that Simón is a good kid, which she cannot disagree with. She continues by saying she is scared of Luna in the street, but Miguel tells her there is nothing to worry about. Rey walks in, and informs them that Sharon is almost ready for the meal, which is promptly delivered by the maid to the dinner table. Sharon calls the lobster exquisite, but Ámbar is thoroughly unimpressed, and calls it unpleasant. She says that she misses hamburgers, and denies Mónica's offer of a sandwich or taco. Miguels offers to order Foodger Wheels, which she happily agrees to. Sharons believes that Mónica's talent with cooking is rare, and wants to hire her as her full-time chef in Buenos Aires. Rey tries to convince her out of it, but is shut down when Sharon tells him that it is her money, and that she can do whatever she wants with it.

Matteo finishes skating with his crew, and sees that Ámbar has called him a number of times. Matteo heads for her house, but is rammed into by a skating Luna. They joke around for a little, and then Luna continues on with the delivery.

Ámbar is video-calling with Jazmín and Delfina again, when Ámbar notices Nina Simonetti sitting behind them. Jazmín and Delfina ask Nina to move, but Nina promptly says no. Luna rolls up to Ámbar, and hands her her food. Matteo arrives at the mansion, surprising Luna, making her spill a chocolate milkshake in her hand all over Ámbar. Luna tries to skate away, but bumps into Ámbar, making Luna fall into the pool. Matteo dives into the pool and saves Luna, although in the process, Luna losses her necklace. Miguel comes outside and asks what happened, Luna blames the incident on Ámbar, who defends herself. Luna realizes she is without her necklace and starts to panic. Rey comes outside, explains that he heard a scream, and asks for the story as well.

Rey, Ámbar, and Sharon are discussing the incident, and Ámbar continues to plead her innocence. She also tells them about her dirty pullover due to Luna spilling the milkshake.

Mónica tries to calm Luna down, and tells her that her skates will dry and that the important thing is that she is okay. Miguel comes into the kitchen and informs Luna that he can't find her necklace. Luna, distraught, tells him not to worry, and it is just like in her dream where she loses her necklace. Mónica tells Luna to not say that, and that the necklace was the only thing with Luna when she came to them. Luna tells them that her story, her past is with them. Luna then hurries off to change clothing and head back to work, hoping that she will be able to explain her situation to her boss.

Rey walks into the kitchen as Luna is leaving, and informs Mónica and Miguel that Sharon wants Mónica working as the full-time chef in Buenos Aires. They reject the offer, which Rey then doubles, and triples. They deny both times, saying it is not about the money, it is because their life is in Cancún and so is their daughter's. Rey informs Sharon that the Valentes are rejecting her offer because their daughter woud'nt want to move away. Sharon decides to take matters into her own hands, Sharon offers to give Luna a ride because the later has to get to the city.


Main Cast

Note: In this episode, Agustín Bernasconi, Ana Jara, Jorge López, Chiara Parravincini, Luz Cipriota, Diego Sassi Álcala, Germán Tripel, Paula Kohan, Ezequíel Rodriguez, and Caro Ibarra were absent.

Recurring Cast

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  • This episode features scenes from both Cancún and Buenos Aires. 
  • This episode was watched by 2.3 million viewers.[1]
  • The scene where Luna falls into the pool wasn't a part of the actual script. While shooting near the pool Karol Sevilla slips and almost falls into the pool but is saved by the crew members. This incident gave the makers the idea to add this moment to script as well & hence the entire scene was reshot with the modifications.
  • The episode aired on April 4, 2016 in Spain, April 18, 2016 in France and on May 2, 2016 in Germany.
  • This is the only episode in which Gastón, Jim, Yam and Tamara are all absent.


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