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Ruggero Pasquarelli (born September 10, 1993) is an Italian singer and actor. He's best known for participating in the Italian version of the show The X-Factor in 2010, and for playing Federico in the Disney Channel show Violetta. In Soy Luna, he portrays Matteo Balsano.

Life and Career

Ruggero Pasquarelli was born in 1993 in Città Sant'Angelo, in the province of Pescara in the Abruzzo region in Italy, although his family is originally from Naples.[2] He has been singing and dancing since he was six years old. In 2004 he enrolled into an acting school. Later, he attended the Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts Escénicas specialty dedicated to Bertrand Spaventa located in the town of Città Sant'Angelo. Since 2009 he is part of the Angolan musical group 65013, which is the group with the masculine voices and with which some covers a few public concerts until 2010. He studied guitar, piano and singing.

In September 2010, he auditioned for the talent show The X Factor in Maionchi Mara, in the "Boys" category . In the program he had been able to sing songs such as "Tu vuo' fa' l'americano" by Renato Carosone, "You're the First, The Last, My Everything" by Barry White and songs from other artists like Alex Britti, Maroon 5 and Elton John. He qualified to the live shows, reaching sixth place and was eliminated in the tenth episode. When he got eliminated he sang "A me me piace 'o Blues" by Pino Daniele in the compilation entitled "X Factor 4 Compilation". Later, he also participated in various events such as "Natale del Comune" in Montesilvano

He was the host of the second edition of Social King, which aired on Rai 2 and Rai Gulp and Cartoon Magic, this time hosted with Ambra Lo Faro. He also performed as the main role of Tom in the two seasons of the television series In Tour, along with Martina Russomanno and Arianna Costantin. He then also released an album of the series where Ruggero sings several songs.

He was chosen to take part in the first season of the telenovela Violetta and then moved to Buenos Aires in March 2013 to play the role of Federico. On the 27th of October 2012, he met with fans of Violetta in a special Disney-organised event in Buenos Aires. The event consisted of a live performance and the screening of a brand new episode of Violetta. After that he signed autographs for his fans and answered some of their questions.

In 2013, he participated in the program Get the Party with Valeria Badalamenti, broadcast in April 2013 on Disney Channel Italy. In 2015, he announced that he had left the Violetta LIVE tour, in which he had participated in the European leg of the tour, to play a role in Soy Luna. It was later revealed that he would portray the character Matteo Balsano.


Year Title Role
2010 The X Factor Himself
2011 Social King Himself
Cartoon Magic Himself
2011-12 In Tour Tom
2012-15 Violetta Federico
2013 Get the Party Himself
2016-2018 Soy Luna Matteo Balsano

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Work Result
2016 Kids' Choice Awards Colombia Actor Favorito
(Favorite Actor)
Soy Luna Won
Kids' Choice Awards Argentina
Momento Viral
(Viral Moment)
(with Candelaria Molfese)
2017 Kids' Choice Awards Colombia Actor Favorito
(Favorite Actor)
Soy Luna Pending

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  • He's one of the two Italian cast members, the other being Pasquale Di Nuzzo.
  • He has a younger brother named Leonardo.[3]
  • He is dating his former co-star Candelaria Molfese.[4]
  • Jorge Blanco is one of his best friends.
  • His favorite dish is tagliatelle Bolognese.
  • He speaks Italian and Spanish fluently.
  • He is taking English lessons.[citation needed]
  • He likes Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, and Bruno Mars.[5]
  • Ruggero's grandfather was also named Ruggero.
  • He had his first kiss with Candelaria Molfese in a taxi.
  • He is 1.79 m (5 ft 10½ inch) tall.
  • He released his book "Mi Piace!" (I like it!) in February 2015 in Italy. In November 2015, it was released in Argentina and Uruguay with the title "Me Gusta!"[6][7]
  • He and Candelaria Molfese have a YouTube channel together called Ruggelaria.[8]
  • He traveled to Orlando, Florida with Karol Sevilla to perform in the Magic Kingdom.[9]
  • His fans are called "Ruggeristas".
  • He, Jorge Blanco, and Stephie Camarena went to a One Direction concert back in 2014.[10]
  • He has said that he always plays with hairspray.[11]
  • He had never been in a pool until he had to film for Soy Luna.[12]
  • Once while filming an episode, he hit his head on a light.[13]
  • When asked what his favourite Disney movies are, he responded saying Hercules and Spider-Man, although the latter is not a Disney movie. [14]
  • If he was on a deserted island, he would bring sunscreen and a guitar.[14]
  • If he had a superpower, he would have the power to fly. [14]
  • His favorite color is red.[14]
  • His best friend from the set is Agustín Bernasconi, who also portrays his character's best friend.[15]
    • They, along with Agustín's former Aliados co-star Maxi Espindola, have made covers of several songs together, all of which have been uploaded on Agustín's YouTube channel. [16]
  • He thinks and dreams in Spanish, instead of his native tongue Italian.[17]
  • He did a "most likely tag" with Candelaria Molfese, and said that between him and Cande he is most likely to: sleep in, fart in public, forget a birthday, get arrested, survive an apocalypse, feel faint when travelling, ask stupid questions, win the Hunger Games, and win a hotdog eating competition.[18]
  • He is one of the six cast members to have appeared on Violetta.
  • He signed a contract to appear in three seasons of Soy Luna.[19]
  • When he is working, he misses Italian pasta, but most of all he misses his family. [2]
  • He plays the guitar and the piano, and his dream is to be a musician. [2]
  • He likes to make pizza with friends.[1]
  • He was left with bruises and blisters after each 10-hour skating session for Soy Luna, and he had to soak his feet in a mixture of water and salt. [20]
  • When he arrives in a foreign country, the first thing he does is ask for Internet so he can talk to his parents. [21]
  • If he could be a Disney character, he would choose Pumbaa from The Lion King, because he loves to eat, like Ruggero himself. [21]
  • He and co-star Agustín Bernasconi appeared on a radio show named "Media Pila", which is hosted by their fellow co-star, Gastón Vietto.[22]
  • He sees a singing career and an album in his future. [5]
  • When he was young he always watched Disney Channel, and he never missed an episode of Hannah Montana, That's So Raven, or Phil of the Future. [5]
  • He is very similar to his Violetta character, Federico. [5]
  • He would like to participate in Sanremo, a famous Italian music festival. [5]


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