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Rodrigo Pedreira (born September 8, 1979) is Argentine actor, singer, dancer, and director. He portrays Rey in Soy Luna.

Life and Carrer

Born in 1979, he studied acting with Agustín Alezzo, Augusto Fernández, and Carlos Gandolfo at the "Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte."

He began his career in the early 2000s with roles in Rincón de Luz, Alma pirata, Resistiré, Amor en custodia, and Palermo Hollywood Hotel. He also had a role in Montecristo and a minor part in the film Un día de Suerte, directed by Sandra Gugliotta.

In 2005, he starred in the short feature Amor eterno, directed by Adrian Rocha. In the same year he was cast in the film Incerti, directed by Stefano Incerti. In addition, he had a small role in the musical El pájaro azul. In 2008, he collaborated with Patricio Arellano, Flavia Pereda, Ana María Casó, Vanesa González, and Luz Cipriota for the show El burdel de Paris. Pedreira's performance was praised by the Argentine newspaper "La Nación."

In 2009, Pedreira took part in the Argentine-French production Fraternalmente, along with Fabian Forte and Dalila Romero, under the direction of Javier Goleri. At the same time, he was in the play Pasaje después de la batalla, along with Daniel Fanego, Analía Couceyro, and Silvia Dietrich, the four actors were commended for their performance, they were described as the "true pillars of the show." In the following months he had a role in Piaf, which was well received by critics.

In 2011, he was nominated for a Premio Hugo al Teatro Musical award in the category "Mejor intérprete masculino en musicals off" for the play La carnicería. In the same year he was set to star in the musical Mamma Mía!, but did not appear in the official list of the actors.

Staring in 2012, he starred in the telenovela Violetta, with the role of Gregorio, a teacher at Studio 21. The following year he conducted the final episode of the Spanish competition Violetta: Tu sueño tu Música on Disney Channel Spain along with Clara Alonso, also an actress in the telenovela.

He is also one of the protagonists in the play Pasos de amor, the musical brainchild of Fernando Marín. The musical was in the theater from January through March of 2014. In April of the same year, he was in Fermín, la película, along with Héctor Alterio. It was presented in various festivals such as the Chicago Latino Film Festival and Pantalla Pinamar.



  • Un dia de suerte, directed by Sandra Gugliotta (2002)
  • Palermo Hollywood, directed by Eduardo Pinto (2004)
  • Julian Alvarez, 19 de presión, directed by Rafael Quintana (2004)
  • Amor eterno, directed by Adrian Rocha (2005)
  • Celo, directed by Fabián Forte (2008)
  • Fraternalmente, directed by Javier Gorleri (2009)
  • Complici del silenzio (Cómplices del silencio), directed by Stefano Incerti (2009)
  • Fermín, la película, directed by Hernán Findling and Oliver Kolker (2014)


  • Mil cuentos para una noche, directed by Javier Rama (2004)
  • Teresa, el musical, directed by Julián Collados (2004)
  • Guillermo Tell, directed by Marcelo Katz (2004)
  • Last noche, directed by Mauro Debans (2005)
  • Buenos Aires Tap, directed by Mónica Povoli (2005)
  • El pájaro azul, directed by Ana Padilla (2005)
  • Casting, directed by Rony Kesselman and Susan Ferrer (2005)
  • Lysander, directed by Villanueva Cosse (2006)
  • Burdel 59, directed by Martín Piñol (2007)
  • Radio theater en escena, directed by Rubén Stell (2007)
  • A través del amor, directed by Estela Erman and Miguel Ángel Barco (2007)
  • The asamblea de los pájaros, directed by Estela Erman (2007)
  • Doña Flor y sus dos maridos, directed by Jose Luis Paolantonio (2007)
  • El Burdel de París, directed by James Murray (2008)
  • El Mago de Oz, directed by Valeria Ambrosio (2008)
  • Pepino el 88, directed by Daniel Suárez Marzal (2008)
  • Paisaje después de la batalla, directed by Mónica Viñao (2009)
  • Piaf, directed by Jamie Lloyd (2009)
  • Spots + Covers, directed by Sun Pertino (2010)
  • The Malasaña neighborhood Rebelde, directed by Jonathan Butterell (2011)
  • La Carnicería, directed by Pedro Velázquez and Carlos Pérez Banega (2012)
  • Y un día fue Nico, directed by Ricky Pashkus, Osvaldo Bazán and Ale Sergi (2013)
  • Pasos de amor ... El musical de la paz, directed by Daniel Suárez Marzal (2014)


  • Rincón de luz - TV series (2003)
  • Resistiré - TV series (2003)
  • Costumbres argentinas - TV series (2003)
  • Amor en custodia - TV series (2005)
  • Mujeres asesinas - TV series (2005)
  • Palermo Hollywood Hotel - TV series (2006)
  • Alma pirate - TV series (2006)
  • Montecristo - TV series (2007)
  • Teen Angels (Casi Ángeles) - TV series (2007)
  • Bella y Bestia - TV series (2007)
  • Por amor a vos - TV series (2008)
  • Para vestir santos - A proposito di single (Para vestir santos) - TV series (2010)
  • El Puntero - TV program (2011)
  • Violetta - TV series (2012 -2015)
  • The U-Mix Show - TV program (2012-2013)
  • Gala Violetta - TV program (2013)
  • Soy Luna - TV program (2016)


  • He is one of the six cast members to have appeared on Violetta.


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