Roberto Muñoz was a minor character in Soy Luna. He appears in only two episodes, but is mentioned throughout the first and second seasons in regards to the mystery surrounding Sol Benson.

He is portrayed by Marcelo Bucossi.


Before the Show

Roberto was employed in the Benson Mansion when the house broke out in flames.[1] He was sent back into the burning building to retrieve a two-year-old Sol Benson and saved the young girl; her parents were not so lucky, and the girl was left an orphan.[2] Knowing that Sol would be left in the care of her closest relative Sharon Bilder, a women Roberto thought was powerful and dangerous, he resolved to bring the girl abroad, far away from her aunt.[3]

Roberto asked his partner Clara Sánchez Barrenechea to come with him, promising her a better life in Mexico, and she agreed to travel with him, planning to bring her daughter to the country later.[4][5] They commissioned fake passports from Marcos Gutiérrez and traveled to Mexico City with Sol.[6] Roberto left Sol at the door of an orphanage with no identifying information about her past.[2] Afterwards, he betrayed his promise to Clara and returned to Argentina.[5]

Fourteen years after the incident, Roberto is still traumatized by the fire, and has retired to Instituto Excellence.

Season 1

At the start of the series, Roberto is in poor health and living in a nursing home. He is under the care of Tino and Cato and has recurring flashbacks of Sol Benson. One day, as he is sitting outside on a bench, he remembers the fire at the Benson Mansion, while starring at a gold sun charm he keeps with him at all times. Under orders, he ran into the burning building and found Sol, alive and sitting in the corner.[2]

Roberto is later seen in his bedroom, having trouble breathing and coughing excessively. He has another flashback and remembers bringing Sol to an orphanage. As he has little time left to live, Roberto asks Tino and Cato to let Sol know the truth about her parents and how it wasn't their choice to give her up for adoption. He tells them that the aunt of Sol is alive, her name is Sharon Benson, and that she is a multi-millionaire.[2]

Roberto's coughing has calmed down, and he is seen being wheeled back into his bedroom once again. He tells Tino and Cato, who are confused by his story, more about the Bensons. He tells them Sharon Benson was in love with Bernie Benson and that Lili Benson, Bernie's wife, was Sharon's sister. He also says Sol is the rightful heir to the Benson fortune and that Sharon believes Sol is dead. His coughing begins again and worsens as Tino and Cato begin to ignore him. Roberto dies shortly afterwards.[7]

Cato retrieves Roberto's sun charm that he had dropped in his final moments, and eventually gives it to Amanda. One day, Mónica discovers that the charm fits perfectly into Luna's necklace and wonders if its original owner is connected to her daughter's mysterious past. Mónica discovers that the charm was given to Cato by Roberto and begins to investigate him with her husband Miguel. They find out that he used to work in the mansion, and hypothesize that Roberto was Luna's biological father.[8][9] The couple eventually abandon their investigation, before they are able to uncover the truth about Roberto.

Season 2

After Luna receives a message mentioning Roberto from Señora Rodríguez, a resident at the nursing home, Luna begins to search for answers about her past. Señora Rodríguez's messages lead Luna to believe that Roberto has a daughter, and Luna tries to figure out if Roberto could be her father. She visits his former nursing home and retrieves a box that contains a wish written by Roberto before his death. The paper reveals that Roberto's greatest wish was to have a daughter, but it wasn't possible for him. Therefore, he hoped that, at least, the girl he saved could find out the truth about her past. Luna tries asking Sharon and others about more information regarding Roberto, but she can't find the answers she desires.


  • Roberto likely had PTSD, as he spent most of his days reliving the trauma of the Benson fire.
  • He is the only character to have died during the series and not before.
  • Roberto's last words were "Sol Benson is alive."[10]
  • Sharon lies to Alfredo Bilder and says that Roberto rescued Sol, but instead of bringing the child back to her, he asked for a ransom and brought her far away.


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