Roberto Muñoz was a minor character in the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna.

He is portrayed by Marcelo Bucossi.


Season 1

At the start of the series, he is an old man living at a nursing home. He is under the care of Tino and Cato, and is having flashbacks. As he is sitting outside on a bench, he remembers the fire at the Benson House, which occurred years before. He ran into the burning house, and as a chandelier fell, he found Sol Benson, alive and sitting in the corner. Cato was sitting next to him, listening to his story.

Roberto is later seen in his bedroom, having trouble breathing and excessively coughing. He has another flashback, and remembers bring Sol to a home for kids. Tino and Cato come in with a glass of water. Roberto tells them that the aunt of Sol is alive, and that her name is Sharon Benson. He tells Tino and Cato that he wants Sharon to learn the truth about her niece, and that he can tell them how to find her.

Roberto's coughing has calmed down, and he is seen being wheeled back into his bedroom once again. He tells Tino and Cato, who are confused by his story, more about the Bensons. He tells them Sharon Benson was in love with Bernie Benson, and that Lili Benson, Bernie's wife, was Sharon's sister. He also says Sol is the rightful heir to the Benson fortune, and that Sharon believes Sol is dead. His coughing begins again and worsens as Tino and Cato begin to ignore him. Sometime after this, he dies.


  • He is the only character to have died during the series, and not before.
  • Miguel and Mónica wrongly believed that he was Luna's biological father.
  • He used to work in the Benson House.


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