Ramiro is a character in the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna. He is portrayed by Jorge López.


Ramiro is very self demanding. He can skate, dance, and sing very well, and he knows it. He wants to do everything well, and when he does not, he can not keep his frustration in check. Ramiro can't admit to any of his mistakes, and tries to blame his mistakes on the people around him. In other people's eyes he can be seen as arrogant and unsympathetic. Ramiro dreams of being a star, and works hard, hoping one day his dream will come true.


Season 1

Part 1

At the start of the first season, Ramiro is shown to be talented and hard-working, but also quite arrogant and conceited, especially towards Jim and Yam. He is very dismissive of them and of their performance at Open Music. However, as the season progresses, it is revealed that Ramiro actually has a crush on Yam. He talks her into skating with him for the competition, but they argue after being eliminated in the first round. Jim later convinces them to put aside their differences and join forces to perform at the second Open Music.

Part 2


Season 2

Part 1

In the beginning of Season 2, Ramiro meets the 'Adrenaline' skating team. He is still good friends with Jim and Yam, but as he spends more time with the 'Adrenaline' and is invited to join them, he becomes a little more distant, to the point where he has to decide between the Jam and Roller, and the 'Adrenaline'. He is offered to join the 'Adrenaline' on a tour, but ultimately decides to stay, instead of going with their team. His behavior and character seems to have changed since Season 1, as he becomes less self-centered.

Part 2

Throughout the entire season, Ramiro improves not only as a skater and performer, but also as a person, caring more about others and learning to work better in a team. He even admits to being nervous before performing at Roda Fest in Cancún.

Season 3

Part 1

Although everything starts out well, with Ramiro being happy and in a relationship with Yam, it turns south when he secretly auditions for the Red Sharks' skating team, as the 'Mystery Skater', and gets accepted. Everyone thinks he betrayed the Jam & Roller Skating Team and soon his relationship with his friends are all damaged. Yam breaks up with him, Jim and the others start doubting their friendship with him, and he decides to perform with his new team at the Open Music as well. After this even Matteo begins to distance himself from Ramiro. During the first part of the season, with his friends leaving him one by one, Ramiro is noticeably influenced by the bad behavior of his teammates, going back to his old selfish ways. Yet closer to the end of the first part, the good Ramiro returns, when he helps Matteo by sending him the whole video of Matteo's kiss with Emilia to help him prove himself.

Part 2

In the second part, begins the story of Ramiro turning back to being nice, with the disbandment of the Red Sharks team. He visits Matteo in the hospital and for many episodes tries to prove himself to the Jam & Roller team. He helps many of the members like Luna, Jazmín and Delfina, uncover the truth about the mischiefs of Emilia, Benicio and Ámbar. The evolution of his character is evident, as he becomes more sincere, caring, kind and friendly. He finally asks the team for a second chance, and after a lot of thought, they accept him back.




Best friend/Former Crush-on-by
See: Jimiro


Ramiro sees Jim as a friend and has opened up to her about never losing anything. They once had an informal dance battle when Jim saw Ramiro dancing on the stage in Jam & Roller. Ramiro is still unaware of her former crush on him. These days, they are really good friends, and Jim understands that Ramiro has changed. She is even helping him recover his relationship with Yam. They are often seen talking about it.


Former best friend/Ex-girlfriend
See: Yamiro


In the beginning, Ramiro had a crush on Yam, but Yam only saw Ramiro as a friend. They danced together in the International Skating Competition, but they were eliminated in the first round. Later, when Ramiro seems interested in Vero, it is shown that Yam has a crush on him too. When Vero's boyfriend shows up, Yam and Ramiro pretend to be dating and share their first kiss in episode 40 of season 1. They begin to date for real in Season 1/Episode 60. However, they broke up in Season 1/Episode 75. They stay good friends after he apologizes in a song. In Season 2 they both began to develop feelings for each other once again, finally confessing their love in Season 2/Episode 75. Their relationship was going well until Season 3/Episode 5, where, after Ramiro's "betrayal", they start to fight a lot, ending with Yam breaking up with him. Though Ramiro now returned to the team, Yam is the only one still unable to forgive him, either insulting or almost completely ignoring him most of the time.


  • He can beatbox and rap.
  • He has a dog named Ritmo.
  • He loves Hip-Hop.
  • The name 'Ramiro' means "judicious".[1]
  • Daniela and Jazmín believed that he liked them.
  • Classical music makes him want to go to sleep.[2]
  • Jorge López has nicknamed Ramiro "Rama".
  • Pablo from Los Adrenaline called him "Rapmiro" a couple of times, making a reference to his usual habit.
  • He doesn't like to talk much about personal stuff.[3]
  • If he could be someone else for a day, he would be Simón.[3]


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