The best dishes are slow-cooked. In love, as in haute cusine, the key is to be patient.

Pedro is a secondary character on Soy Luna. He has an interest in cooking and runs the cafeteria at the Jam & Roller. Pedro's passion, though, is music and he plays the drums in the Roller Band.

He is portrayed by Gastón Vietto.


Pedro is honest and an open book. He is willing to give it all for his friends. Around girls he can be shy and insecure. He loves playing the drums, and is at his best when rehearsing with his band.


Season 1

Part 1

He works at Jam & Roller with Nicolás Navarro as a cook and general cafeteria worker. He wants to start a band with Nico, but the two are unable to find a guitarist. On the night of the first Open Music, Simón Álvarez moves to town from Mexico, or, as Pedro likes to think, "falls from the sky" and they start a band. As the only member of the band not also participating in the Freestyle Competition, Pedro often gets fed up with his band members for not prioritizing the band. When the band gets an interview with Web Music, Tamara forces him to stay behind. His bandmates make the band seem like a joke, and he tells them off when they return from it. After Simón leaves the Benson Mansion, Pedro and Nico invite him to live with them in their apartment.

In matters of the heart, Pedro has a crush on Tamara, but he's too scared to tell her. One day, he sets up a surprise date for her, but Tamara sees him preparing and runs away. The next day, she tells Pedro in metaphors about being uninterested in dating younger men. Pedro takes the hint and backs off. Much later, after Gastón breaks up with Delfi, Pedro offers Delfi advice and shows some hints at having a crush on her.

Part 2

The Roller Band's popularity grows and they are invited to perform live on television. Pedro and Delfi start a relationship.

Season 2

Part 1

During the summer, Delfi broke up with Pedro over video. When everyone returns from vacation, Pedro is still mad about the situation. Pedro has a crush on new girl in town Eva, but it doesn't end well when he finds out that Eva has been secretly switching places with her twin Ada.

Part 2

After Simón leaves the Roller Band, they ask Delfi to join the band. Delfi still has feelings for Pedro and tries to get closer to him. By the end of the season, they are back together.

Season 3

Part 1


Part 2



Pedro does not appear in BIA, but it is revealed by Delfi that they have broken up.



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  • He found the skate tool Ámbar used to loosen Luna's skates.
  • He likes FelicityForNow's (Nina's) posts.
  • He is often seen in the background, working during scenes at Jam & Roller.
  • He does not think he is a good skater. Delfina believes Pedro can skate very fast and Ámbar thinks that he doesn't show any passion when he skates.[1]
  • One of his ears is pierced.
  • He can't play the piano.
  • He has a picture of him with his mom and dad on the fridge.
  • He gets along very well with his best friends, and considers them more like brothers than friends. But they often fight about who's cleaning the apartment.[2]
  • He hates spicy food.[2]
  • He likes to watch soccer, but is very bad at playing it himself.[2]
  • He likes to do the robot dance.[2]
  • He has a pair of lucky drumsticks that are "magically" always with him.[2]


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