Open Music is a fortnightly music show held at Jam & Roller. Solo artists or groups sign up for a slot to participate most of the time. Occasionally, there is a theme. The theme usually mixes up who sings with who, often leaving the gang scrambling to find partners, if not left up to chance.

Shows (Season 1)

Open Music #1 (Episode 5 and Episode 6)

This was the first Open Music of the year, and Jim and Yam wanted to be the first to perform. When sign-ups opened up, Jim and Yam were scooped by Ramiro, who was able to sign-up faster. Nico and Pedro signed up ahead of time in hopes of finding a guitarist for their band, but by the time performance night came, they were still left without one. Luna introduced them to her friend Simón, who agreed to play for their band, and gave them a song he wrote to perform. As Tamara was wrapping up the night, the band stopped her and took stage behind her with their new guitarist. During the performance, Simón invited Luna up to the stage, and she finished out the song with the band. Afraid that Luna would be the talk of the night, Ámbar brought Matteo on stage for a surprise performance that ended with a kiss and received the most applause of the night.


Soy Luna 1x05 Ramiro canta en el Open-Music del Jam & Roller - HD


Soy Luna - A Rodar Mi Vida” videoclip. Doar la Disney Channel!


Disney Channel España Soy Luna - Valiente

by Ramiro by Jim and Yam by Simón, Luna, Nico, and Pedro

Mírame a mí

by Ámbar and Matteo

Open Music #2 (Episode 17 and Episode 18)

Matteo's globetrotting cousin Flor came to town and lent female vocals to Simón, Nico, and Pedro's band, which was named The Roller Band hours before the Open. Jim and Yam performed with Ramiro, because Jim wanted to get closer to Ramiro because of her crush. Ana and Ricardo were worried about Nina, and they wanted to show Nina that they were on good terms, so they decided to sing a song together at the Open to prove this to her. To make it a surprise, they registered as the “Extreme Singers.” Ámbar and Matteo prepared to sing a song together, but Ámbar was late to the performance, so Matteo asked Luna to take her place. Luna declined, but Matteo put her on the spot by telling the crowd they would be performing together when his turn arrived.


Open Music 2 Un destino - Un destino (4)


A rodar mi vida - Jim, Yam y Ramiro


Ana y Ricardo Corazón - Corazón

by Flor and The Roller Band by Jim, Yam, and Ramiro by Extreme Singers (Ana and Ricardo)

Open Music 2 Prófugos - Prófugos (1)

by Luna and Matteo

Open Music #3 (Episode 26) - Chicos vs. Chicas

Instead of having individual performances, this Open Music featured only two teams, the girls and the boys, competing head to head. To determine the first song of the competition, a random word was displayed on a screen, and a song beginning with that word had to be sung. The first word was "puedo," and the girls began the competition with the line "Yo puedo subir." If a team wanted to interrupt the other team's song, they had to start their song with the same word that the other team's song had landed on. After the boys began a tension filled song, Luna interrupted them to diffuse the tension and got both the boys and the girls to join forces to sing a song together. Since both Jazmín and Delfina were performing, they asked Sebastián Villalobos to film the show for Fab and Chic.


Open Music 3 - Mírame a mí


Open Music 3 - I'd Be Crazy - Cuando Bailo


Open Music 3 - A rodar mi vida

by Ámbar and the girls by Ramiro and the boys by Jim, Yam, and the girls

Open Music 3 Corazón - Corazón


Open Music 3 Un destino - Un destino (5)


Open Music 3 Prófugos - Prófugos (5)

by Gastón and the boys by Jazmín and the girls by Matteo and the boys

Open Music 3 - Valiente

by Everybody

Open Music #4 (Episode 38) - Battle of the Bands

This Open Music occurred the same week Tamara, Luna, Simón, Ámbar, Matteo, and Nina were away at the International Skating Competition, leaving the show without a host. To fill the open position, Tamara invited her music producer friend Darío to host the show in her place. He turned the Open into a competitive Battle of the Bands, putting a chance to be on the radio up as the prize for the winner. Disappointed that they weren't at the skating final or in a band, the left-behind Jam & Roller gang decided to make up a band of their own, Los Otros (The Others). Since Simón was unable to attend the Open with The Roller Band in person, he sang over video call and convinced Luna to sing with him. Outside band Electro Power showed up to compete and won after a tiebreaker with the Roller Band.


Soy Luna - 4 Open Music Eletro Power cantam Corazón


Open Music 4 - Camino (1)



Open Music 4 - Eres


by Electro Power by Los Otros by Luna and The Roller Band

Open Music #5 (Episode 45) - Random

Believing that the kids always pair up with the same people, Tamara decided to make everyone draw names out of a bag to determine Open Music performances. Luna was paired with Simón and Matteo, which didn't go well. Since this was supposed to be Simón's final Open Music, Matteo feigned sickness last minute to let Simón perform his final Open Music with his best friend. Ámbar, Delfina, and Jazmín tampered with the bag to make sure they ended up each other's partners. They also stole Jim and Yam's choreography, and asked Jim and Yam if they could go before them to leave Jim and Yam without choreography.


Luna y Simón cantan Prófugos - Prófugos (7)


Gastón, Ramiro y Pedro cantan Invisibles


Ámbar, Jazmín y Delfina cantan "Chicas así"

by Luna and Simón by Gastón, Pedro, and Ramiro by Ámbar, Delfina, and Jazmín

Nico, Jim y Yam cantan Un destino - Un destino (7)

by Jim, Nico, and Yam

Open Music #6 (Episode 55 and Episode 56)

Like Flor and Luna, Daniela joined up with The Roller Band to lend female vocals to one of their songs. The rest of the performers sang solo, and dedicated their performance to their special someones. Gastón for FelicityForNow, Yam for Jim, and Cato for Amanda.


Simón, Nico, Pedro y Daniela cantan Camino



Soy Luna - Momento Musical - Gastón canta para Felicity For Now "Prófugos"


Soy Luna - Yam chante "A Rodar Mi Vida" épisode 55

by Daniela and The Roller Band by Gastón by Yam

Soy Luna - Momento Musical - Cato canta "Corazón"

by Cato

Open Music #7 (Episode 65) - Chicos vs. Chicas

The boys and girls faced off once again, this time with original songs. The girls team remained the same, but Nico and Pedro joined the boys team this time around.


Los chicos cantan I'd Be Crazy


Sobre Ruedas - Open Music

by The boys by The girls

Open Music #8 (Episode 75)

This was the last Open Music of the season, and it featured all new songs. This Open was highly anticipated because FelicityForNow announced that she was going to perform in it. During the performance, Felicity removed her wig and revealed to the public that she was really Nina. This was also the first Open Music where the Roller Band performed without an additional singer accompanying them.


Luna y Matteo cantan "Qué más da"


La Roller Band canta Vuelo



Felicity canta Tengo un corazón

by Luna and Matteo by The Roller Band by Nina

Shows (Season 2)

Open Music #1 (Episode 5 and Episode 6)


Soy Luna 2 - Open Music 1 La Roller Band canta "Linda" (Momento Musical)



Elenco de Soy Luna - Fush, ¡Te Vas! ("Soy Luna" Momento Musical Open Music 1)


Elenco de Soy Luna - La Vida es un Sueño ("Soy Luna" Momento Musical Open Music 1)

by The Roller Band by Jazmín and Simón by Luna

Elenco de Soy Luna - Mitad y Mitad (Open Music)


Elenco de Soy Luna - ¿Cómo Me Ves? (Open Music)

by Gastón and Nina by Ámbar

Open Music #2 (Episode 20) - Farewell

Vidia announced that they were going to shut down Jam & Roller, so the kids organized this Open Music in an attempt to change their minds. In addition to the performances, Delfina and Jazmín also made a farewell video detailing what Jam & Roller means to them.


I'd Be Crazy (Open Music despedida)


Aquí Estoy (Open Music despedida)


Honey Funny (Open Music despedida)

by Sebastián by Gastón and Matteo by Jim, Ramiro, and Yam

Elenco de Soy Luna - Valiente (Open Music despedida)

by Everybody

Open Music #3 (Episode 45 and Episode 46) - Solistas

This was another competative Open Music, but only soloists were allowed. Matteo and Simón tied, so the Roller Jam Gala was held afterwards to determine the winner.


Chiara Parravicini, Elenco de Soy Luna - Yes, I Do ("Soy Luna" Momento Musical Open Music)


Lionel Ferro, Elenco de Soy Luna - Linda ("Soy Luna" Momento Musical Open Music)



Ruggero Pasquarelli, Elenco de Soy Luna - Stranger ("Soy Luna" Momento Musical Open Music)

by Yam by Nico by Matteo

Catch Me If You Can ("Soy Luna" Momento Musical Open Music)


Soy Luna, saison 2 - Chanson "Yo quisiera" (épisode 46)


Soy Luna "Mano a Mano" (Atuação)

by Ámbar by Simón by Jazmín

Shows (Season 3)

Open Music #1 (Episode 10 and Episode 11)


Tiempo de amor ("Soy Luna – Modo Amar" Momento Musical Open Music 1)


Andaremos Momento Musical Soy Luna 3


Ja Jazmín Momento Musical Soy Luna 3

by The Roller Band by Luna and Simón by Jazmín

I've Got A Feeling ("Soy Luna "La vida es un sueño" Momento Musical Open Music 1)

by The Red Sharks

Open Music #2 (Episode 25)

This Open Music was hosted at Luna's Mansion and was planned by Luna and all her friends. Delfi, Jazmín, Jim, and Yam formed a group together and called it the Cool Ladies.


Sobre ruedas ("Soy Luna" Momento Musical Open Music 2)


Decirte lo que siento ("Soy Luna - Modo Amar" Momento Musical Open Music 2)


Jandino - Mi corazón hace wow wow ("Soy Luna - Modo Amar" Momento Musical Open Music 2)

by The Cool Ladies by The Roller Band by Eric

Quiero verte sonreir ("Soy Luna - Modo Amar" Momento Musical Open Music 2)

by Matteo and Luna

Open Music #3 (Episode 40) - Flash

This was the first (and last) Open Music hosted by Ámbar. It was 50s themed and featured a boys vs. girls aspect once again. At this time, both Michel and Emma were visiting, so they joined the gang on their teams.


Nadie como tú (Open Music 3) (From "Soy Luna – Modo Amar" Momento Musical)


Mano a Mano (Open Music 3) (From "Soy Luna – Modo Amar" Momento Musical)


¿Cómo Me Ves? (Open Music 3) (Soy Luna Momento Musical)

by the boys by the girls by Benicio

Karol Sevilla - No te pido mucho (Open Music 3) (Soy Luna Momento Musical)

by Luna


  • Simón Álvarez is the only character to have participated in every single Open Music.
  • Of the young main characters introduced in Season 1, Nina Simonetti has participated in the fewest Open Musics, at four out of fourteen. Of all young main characters, Emilia, Benicio, and Eric Andrade are tied for the fewest Open Musics, at only two each.
  • Only Delfina, Jim, and Emilia have never performed solos or taken lead at an Open Music. Pedro never performed alone, but he did sing lead with the Roller Band when they performed "Decirte lo que siento."
  • Jazmín Carvajal has performed the most solos out of the main cast, with three.
  • "A rodar mi vida," "Prófugos," and "Corazón" are the most performed songs, at four times each. Interestingly enough, all three songs were never performed outside of the first season. "Corazón" is the only song of the three to have been performed by four completely different acts.
  • There are more Open Musics in Season 1 than Season 2 and 3 combined.
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