Nimón (Ni/na and Si/món) is the friendship pairing of Simón Álvarez and Nina Simonetti. They are close friends and they are both Luna Valente's best friends.

For the real-life pairing of Michael Ronda and Carolina Kopelioff, see Rondalioff.

Other Names

  • Sinina (Si/món and Nina)
  • Simina (Sim/ón and N/ina)


Season 1

Simón and Nina meet through their friendship with Luna.[1] They soon bond and become close friends.

In Season 1/Episode 23, Simón and Nina talk and Simón tells Nina that he is in love with Luna, and they share a friendly hug.[2] They also hang out together in Season 1/Episode 37.



  • Both have brown hair.
  • Both have brown eyes.
  • Both are teenagers.
  • Both have a good heart.
  • Both are Luna's best friends.
  • Both are good friends with Pedro.


  • Nina is shy and introverted while Simón is cheerful and outgoing.
  • Simón is Mexican while Nina is Argentinean.
  • Nina wears glasses but Simón does not.
  • Simón is in a band but Nina is not.
  • Nina attends Blake South College while Simón works full-time at Jam & Roller.
  • Simón is a talented skater while Nina is learning to skate.



Song - The Nimón song could either be Invisibles or Un destino, as they are both songs by Simón's band and Nina wrote some of the song's lyrics. Another Nimón song could be Eres as when Simón was writing the song in Season 1/Episode 23, Nina came and asked him for whom the song was for.

Episode - The Nimón episode could be Season 1/Episode 06 as they first meet in that episode. It could also be Season 1/Episode 37 as they hang out together in that episode.

Color - The Nimón color could be blue since Nina's favorite color is blue and Simon's guitar and roller skates are also blue.

Place - The Nimón place could be the place where they hang out together in Season 1/Episode 37. It could also be Jam & Roller as they first met there.[1]


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