Nicolás "Nico" Navarro is a secondary character on Soy Luna. He runs the rink at Jam & Roller and plays the bass. When Simón Álvarez moves to town, he forms the Roller Band with him and his best friend Pedro. Nico skates occasionally to appease his friends, but his passion is music.

He is portrayed by Lionel Ferro.


Nico is a gentle and friendly guy, who respects everyone around him. Nico dreams of having a rock band with his best friend Pedro.


Before the Show

Nico graduated from school and moved into an apartment with his friend from work Pedro.[2] Before he got a job at Jam & Roller, Nico used to be one of the best skaters in town and won many skating competitions.[3] Nico has been in relationships before, but never with a younger girl.[4]

Season 1

Part 1

He works at Jam & Roller with his best friend Pedro as the manager of the skating rink.He wants to start a band with Pedro, but the two are unable to find a guitarist.

Nico and Jim await their results.

On the night of the first Open Music, Simón Álvarez moves to town from Mexico and the three start the Roller Band. Nico wants to focus on their music, but Jim convinces him to be her partner in the Freestyle Competition. While working together, Nico develops a crush on Jim, but their poor communication skills make it hard for them to convey their feelings to one another. They are eliminated in the semi-finales because Nico had no time to practice, being busy with the his band. The partners realize that they miss spending time together rehearsing for the competition.

Part 2

Jim and Nico finally work out their problems and go out on a date. Things fall apart once again, but at the end of the season, they begin to date.

Season 2

Part 1

Jim and Nico break up. Nico falls in love with a girl he thought to be Eva, but turned out to be her twin sister Ada. Nico can't forgive the twins for their deception, so they leave Jam & Roller.

Part 2

Nico and Pedro struggle to keep the Roller Band afloat after Simón leaves the band.

Season 3

Part 1

Simón, Nico, and Pedro talk to the new owner of Jam & Roller.

Ada returns to Jam & Roller and tries to get Nico to warm up to her again.

Part 2

Ada asks Nico out on a date, he agrees, and they become a couple. Ada invites Nico to move with her to New York, and he accepts. In Season 3/Episode 37, Nico's friends throw a going-away party for him, and, afterwards, he leaves Buenos Aires for good.



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  • Tamara is one of the few characters that have ever called him Nicolás instead of Nico on screen.
  • Juliana thinks Nico's hairstyle looks like a bushy tail.[5]
  • Nico is the only main character currently in a relationship with a non-main character.
  • He is the fourth male main character to depart the series and the fifth main character overall.
  • For the first two seasons, Nico appeared in almost every episode, save for Season 2/Episode 74.
    • As for the third season, he appeared from Season 3/Episode 01 through Season 3/Episode 37 due to his departure to New York with Ada. From the next episode onwards he is absent, aside from being still credited as a regular and appearing through archival footage.


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