Nicolás "Nico" is a character in the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna. He is portrayed by Lionel Ferro.


Nico is a gentle and friendly guy, who respects everyone around him. Nico dreams of having a rock band with his best friend Pedro.


Season 1

He works at Jam & Roller with Pedro, he is the manager of the skating rink. He creates a band with Simón Álvarez and Pedro and plays the guitar.




Best Friend/Bandmate
See: Pedrico


Nico and Pedro are best friends. They have both told each other who they like and Nico often does things for Pedro.

Simón Álvarez

Good Friend/Bandmate
See: Simico


Simón and Nico are good friends. They are in a band together with Pedro. They both work at Jam & Roller. Nico has picked up on Simón's crush on Luna and helps him win her heart.

Luna Valente

See: Luco Luna and Nico are friends. They immediately become friends when they meet at Jam & Roller, where Nico helps Luna out and gives her multiple skate passes.



See: Jico


Jim and Nico start off as friends. At the beginning, Jim is aware that Nico has a crush on her, but she still has feelings for Ramiro. They dance together in the skating competition and sing "A rodar mi vida," "Un destino," and "Invisibles" together. Eventually, Jim develops feelings for Nico. She tries to tell him this, but both end up arguing. Nico then tries to ask Jim out multiple times. They have a short relationship, but Jim always acts very nervous around him. After their split, she tries to make him jealous with an imaginary boyfriend. Nico gets very mad at her, but gives her a second chance in Season 1/Episode 79. Jim explains that she is nervous around him because he is the first boy she has ever liked. They shared their first kiss in Season 1/Episode 79.




  • He is very kind to Luna, giving her free passes to the roller rink.
  • He used to win a lot of skating competitions before he got a job.
  • His partner for the International Skating Competition was Jim.
  • Nicolás can be assumed to, just like his two best friends, be older than the rest of the main characters because he does not attend school, and works all day at Jam & Roller. He also mentioned that he is older than Jim.
  • He is studying music.[1]
  • It's possible, but not very likely, that his last name is López, since that's his uncle's last name.


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