Miguel Valente is a character in Soy Luna. He is the loving father to Luna Valente and husband to Mónica. As the head of staff for the Benson Mansion, he spends his time keeping Tino, Cato, and the rest of personnel on task.

He is portrayed by David Muri.


Miguel is shown to be a kind and hard-working person; Mónica says that he is the picture of honesty.[1] He is always very caring towards his wife Mónica, and to his daughter Luna. He only wants the best for Luna and is there for her whenever she needs him. He is also very focused on his work at the Benson house, and does whatever is asked of him. Miguel is much more care-free than his wife and wants to give his daughter more freedoms than Mónica does. While Mónica always worries about Luna's well-being, Miguel trusts that Luna knows how to take care of herself.


Before the Show

Miguel asks out Mónica, and on their first date, he drops a whole smoothie on her dress. Despite his clumsiness, Mónica can't stop thinking about him and they begin to date. Later, they get married and adopt a toddler in Mexico City. His raises his daughter in the Cancún mansion where he works as its head of staff. He had been working at the mansion for at least 14 years, because his address was already at the mansion when he adopted Luna at age 2. Although, in a conversation with Mónica, he said they have worked in many mansions, so the family may have moved around.[2]

Season 1

Miguel greets the new owners upon their arrival at the Cancún mansion. When Sharon wants to hire his wife as the new chef for her main residence in Buenos Aires, she offers him a job as head of staff so that he can accompany her. Miguel and Mónica face the choice to either take the jobs abroad or get fired from their current ones. With the approval of Luna, the family moves to Buenos Aires and starts their new life. At the Benson Mansion, he often butts heads with Rey, who constantly undermines Miguel's responsibilities as head of staff. Although, Rey is shown to hold Miguel in a high regard and thinks he is overall a diligent worker.

Miguel brings the sun charm to a jeweler

After his wife discovers a sun charm that fits perfectly into his daughter's necklace that she had at the time of her adoption, he and his wife become curious and attempt to find out more information about Luna's birth parents. As they get closer to the truth, he wonders if they are doing the right thing by bringing up the past. They believe that Roberto Muñoz may be Luna's birth father, but they stop their investigation short of finding the truth.

Miguel is also affected by Ámbar's schemes to get Luna out of her life. Miguel is accused of stealing a crystal swan that was planted in his pocket by Ámbar, and is fired by Sharon. Rey has his suspicions of Miguel's culpability, but as Miguel is unable to discover the true culprit, he and Mónica are dismissed anyway. After Ámbar takes responsibility for the swan's disappearance, Miguel and his wife get their jobs back.

Season 2


Season 3




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  • He calls both Luna and Mónica mi amor (my love).
  • He likes to eat papaya with limon a la ana.
  • He had a toupée when he was younger.
  • In Season 1/Episode 70, Miguel sang for the first time.


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