Miguel Valente is a character in the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna. He is portrayed by David Muri.


Miguel is shown to be a kind and hard-working person. He is always very caring towards his wife, Mónica, and to his daughter, Luna. He only wants the best for Luna and is there for her whenever she needs him. He is also very focused on his work at the Benson house, and does whatever is asked of him.


Season 1

Miguel Valente is the husband of Mónica and the adoptive father of Luna.



Monica Valente

See: Migónica


Miguel and Monica are married. Both adopted Luna and work in the Benson House.


  • He and Mónica adopted Luna, after Luna's biological parents were killed.
  • He calls both Luna and Mónica "mi amor" (my love).
  • He likes to eat papaya with limon a la ana.
  • He had a toupée when he was younger.
  • In Season 1/Episode 70, Miguel sang for the first time.


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