Michael Ronda Escobosa (born September 28, 1996) is a Mexican actor and singer, well known for his role as Camilo in the show La fuerza del destino. He portrays Simón Álvarez in Soy Luna.

Life and Career

Ronda was born to father Davide, who was born in Cremona, Lombardy, Italy[3], and mother Vicky, who is Mexican. He is the middle child between older sister Andrea Alessandra[4] and younger brother Kevin.

Growing up, Ronda seemed to want to be a footballer. However, he knew he wanted to be in front of cameras when he first stepped foot on a set.

In 2011, he had many acting roles. Most notably, Camilo in La fuerza del destino. He was also the star of the feature films La Noche del Pirata and Bacalar, playing the roles of Dani and Santiago, respectively. He is best known, though, for his role as Poncho in the television series Como dice el dicho.[5]


Year Title Role
2011 La Fuerza del Destino Camilo
La Noche del Pirata Dani
Bacalar Santiago
Como Dice el Dicho Poncho
2016-2018 Soy Luna Simón Álvarez

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Work Result
2016 Kids' Choice Awards Mexico Actor Favorito
(Favorite Actor)
Soy Luna Nominated
Kids' Choice Awards Colombia
Kids' Choice Awards Argentina
2017 Kids' Choice Awards Mexico Won
Kids' Choice Awards Argentina

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  • He learned to play the guitar when he landed the role as Simón.[citation needed]
  • He ships Sitteo.[6]
  • On March 4, 2016, his Instagram account was verified.
  • His zodiac sign is Libra.
  • He is one of five Mexican cast members on the show; the other four are Karol Sevilla, David Muri, Ana Carolina Valsagna and Giovanna Reynaud.
  • He appeared on a radio show named Media Pila, which is hosted by his co-star Gastón Vietto.[7]
  • He reached one million followers on Instagram on July 4, 2016.[8]
  • He loves sport, and plays golf and soccer, as well as doing surfing, abseiling, mountaineering, ice-skating, wake-boarding and swimming. [9]
  • He is the only cast member that knew how to skate before Soy Luna. [9]
  • If he could be a Disney character, he would choose Tarzan. [9]
  • It is possible that he lives with Jorge López and Ana Jara.[10][11]
  • He and Agustín Bernasconi made a cover of Matisse's "Por Última Vez" (For The Last Time) together, which was posted on Agustín's YouTube channel. [12]
  • He has signed a friendship contract with Jorge López and Ana Jara.[14]
  • On Valentine's Day 2018, he posted a video on Instagram of him and Ana Jara kissing.[15]
    • It isn't confirmed yet, but this would suggest that they are dating.


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