I'm Italian and the king of the rink, trust me.

Matteo Balsano is a main character in Soy Luna. He is an arrogant Italian boy that skates to be the best. Matteo is one of the most popular boys at Blake South College with his best and only friend Gastón Perida. His girlfriend Luna Valente and him are practically royalty at Jam & Roller.

He is portrayed by Ruggero Pasquarelli.


Although Matteo is very cocky at times, he is shown to be goodhearted and helps with other people's problems. He is also usually arrogant, but this is a mask to hide his nicer and romantic side, which he often shows when talking to Luna.

Initially he was on Ámbar's side, but when he realizes her true character they break up and he moves to complete his mission - to start a relationship with Luna.

It could be assumed that Matteo is just cocky for show, but he is actually extremely intelligent, and carefully plans before attacking. This is shown when Luna thought she got a D on a test and Matteo quickly approached her in a time of sadness and touched her heart. He is also academically intelligent, and is at least the third best student at Blake South College, after Ámbar and Gastón.

Luna figures that he is a very sensitive and sensible person, and can sometimes be very nostalgic. She also figures that his cockiness and "Chico fresa-ness" is a mask he uses when he moves to a new place to make it easier for himself not to get hurt and to fit in.


Early Years

He was born in Italy, but since his parents were diplomats, he moved around a lot. He never stayed at the same place for long and so he didn't have much time to get to know anyone nor make friends. He was always "the new guy." Sometime when he was younger, he lived in the Puerto Madero barrio, and after school when the other boys went to play soccer without inviting him, he often went to see the Reverse Fountain.

Before the Show

Sometime before the show, he and his family finally settled down in one place and Matteo began to go to school at Blake South College. He got to know Gastón Perida and they became best friends. Wanting to be with the best, he got together with Ámbar Smith and was with her for a long time before the show started. They had been together for less than four years, since when his cousin Flor visited, she hadn't seen Matteo for four years, and when she met Ámbar, it was for the first time.

Season 1

Part 1

Matteo rehearsing his scene for drama with Luna

Matteo meets Luna Valente while on vacation in Cancún with his girlfriend Ámbar Smith. His is instantly flirtatious with her and does anything to get closer to her, including giving her his notes and transferring into her theater seminar. His crush leads to a rivalry with Simón Álvarez because he is jealous of him and his close friendship with Luna. At the end of the first part Matteo breaks up with Ámbar and kisses Luna in front of everyone at the International Skating Competition.

Part 2

After the kiss, Matteo changes a lot. He stops flirting with other girls and focuses all of his attention on Luna. After a while, Matteo admits to Gastón that he is in love with Luna, and he writes her the song "Siento" about how he feels. When Luna loses her notebook, Matteo helps her look for it. When Luna tells him that she doesn't like him, he is heartbroken. In the season finale, Matteo kisses Luna.

Season 2

Part 1

Matteo ditches the Jam & Roller team, disappointing Luna

When Matteo realizes that he will have to leave Buenos Aires and Luna after graduation, he tries to distance himself from her. To properly leave Luna alone, he teaches Gastón choreography that he wants Gastón to teach Luna and pretends to date Fernanda from Adrenaline to get Luna to move on. Eventually, he confronts his dad and tells him he doesn't want to go to Oxford, he wants to be a musician. His dad doesn't agree with his decision and cuts him off financially, so Matteo gets a job at Jam & Roller.

Part 2

Matteo and Luna continue to have problems and break up constantly. Matteo wants to launch his solo music career, but he faces competition from Simón. Matteo, with the backing of Vidia, resorts to playing dirty to advance his career. Vidia wants Matteo to fake a relationship with Camila Fernández to get more promotion for the both of them.

Season 3

Part 1

Although hesitant at first, Matteo joins Simón's Roller Band and plays the guitar. He still has eyes for Luna, but they have trouble coming together.

Part 2

After the Roller Band loses their apartment, he moves into Luna's house. Matteo has bad memory problems and cannot remember the lyrics to any songs.

Matteo in his music video

Luna helps him through his issues and he is able to film a music video for his song "Esta noche no paro."

Matteo is jealous when Michel comes to town and tries to get with Luna. Luna only has feelings for Matteo, though, so they reconcile and he gifts her a necklace with a strawberry (fresa) charm for her 18th birthday, as a tribute to her nickname for him.



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Gastón Perida
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  • Luna calls him chico fresa, and when Nina asks her what fresa means, Luna describes it as an arrogant and conceited person.
    • Fresa is Mexican slang with the closest translation in English being "preppy." Fresa also means strawberry. However, in Argentina, where the show is set, strawberries are more often referred to as frutillas.
  • It is possible that he was 17 years old in the beginning of the show, since Luna is 16, and she is in the year below him at school.
  • His memory is excellent.
  • He wrote "Siento", "Princesa", "Allá voy" and "Quiero verte sonreir" for Luna.
  • He hates the Underwheels.[1]


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