Mattón (Matt/eo and Gast/ón) is the friendship pairing of Matteo Balsano and Gastón Perida.

For the off-screen pairing of Ruggero Pasquarelli and Agustín Bernasconi, see Ruggesconi.


Before the Show

Due to Matteo moving around a lot, his only friend is Gastón.

Season 1


Matteo and Gastón are best friends. When they first meet again in Jam & Roller, Gastón is excited to see Matteo. This is most likely because he has not seen Matteo for some time. Throughout the season, Matteo and Gastón are shown to have a strong friendship and share many personality traits. They are often seen in each other's company at Blake South College and at Jam & Roller. They regularly meet up to skate and/or to get something to drink together. Gastón repeatedly teases Matteo about Luna and asks him if he likes her, while Matteo teases Gastón about Delfina, as well as his cousin Flor.

Other Names

  • Gastteo (Gast/ón and Mat/teo)
  • Matteón (Matte/o and Gast/ón)




  • Gastón is Argentine, but Matteo is Italian. 
  • Matteo is in the acting class at Blake South College, but Gastón does photography instead.


  • They are best friends.
  • Nina told Luna that Gastón and Matteo were the two most popular boys at the Blake South College.
  • They made a bet about Matteo being able to make Luna fall in love with him. If Matteo fails to do this, he has to buy Gastón new roller skates.
  • Matteo helps Gastón find FelicityForNow and is very supportive of him finding her, while he also has his own troubles with Luna and Ámbar.
  • Gastón had a crush on Matteo's cousin, Flor, but they didn't start a relationship because she was leaving Buenos Aires.


Song - The Mattón song could be "Aquí estoy" as they sing it together for the Farewell Open Music. 

Episode - TBA

Place - The Mattón place could be Jam & Roller since that is where they both hang out. They are often seen together there, either skating on the rink or sitting down talking.

Color - The Mattón color could be dark green, as it signifies ambition and jealousy, two of their shared traits.


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