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Malena Ratner (born November 15, 1995) is an Argentine actress, singer, and dancer, known for her role as Delfina on Soy Luna.

Life and Career[]

Ratner grew up in Castelar, Buenos Aires and graduated from Colegio Sagrado Corazón.[2] From a young age, she studied musical comedy near her hometown and after graduation, studied dance at Broadway Dance Center and Steps on Broadway in New York.[2] Ratner was a part of NoDisco's opening act for Demi Lovato on her tour and was a dancer in the third season of Violetta.[2] She has also been in commercials for Sprite and in music videos for the band Pocket.[3]

In 2015, Ratner was cast in Soy Luna, where she portrayed Delfina, a co-antagonist, for three seasons. She went on three tours across Latin American and Europe in support of the show. Ratner reprised her role of Delfina in the second season of BIA.


Year Title Role
2016 - 2018 Soy Luna Delfina
2020 BIA
Almost Happy Ximena Montalvo
2021 Soy Luna: The Last Concert Herself/Delfina
2023 Freeks Nina

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  • She was in a series of "Violetta ¡Vamos A Bailar!" videos as a dancer.[4]
  • She was verified on Instagram on July 7, 2016 along with Gastón Vietto.
  • She prefers waking up early instead of sleeping in. She just can't lay in bed for too long.[5]
  • Her favorite Disney princess is Ariel.[6]
  • She was in the short film "Mia" for Pocket Films, where she portrayed a lesbian hockey player named Mia.[7]
  • She is 172cm tall.[3]


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