Margarita "Maggie" García Centurión is an antagonist introduced in Season 3 of Soy Luna. As an accomplice of the on-the-run Sharon Benson, she acts as the eyes on the inside of the Benson Mansion. Maggie takes a job as a maid to get close to the Valentes.

She is portrayed by Victoria Suárez Battán.


Maggie appears bubbly and talkative, but is in reality cunning, frivolous, consumerist, and verbose. She likes fashion and jewelry. Maggie will put her cunning and skill at the service of what she most desires: to bathe in diamonds before turning 40 years old. She knows how to use with and to say the right things to get what she wants.


Before the show

Maggie met Sharon Benson sometime before the show and became quite close with her, calling her her best friend.

Season 3

Part 1

She applies to a job as a maid in the Benson House. During the interview, she manages to win Alfredo, Miguel, and Mónica over thanks to her charming and likable character. But unknown to the Valentes and Alfredo, she is actually working as a spy for Sharon. While working, she looks for every opportunity to spy on the Valentes and Alfredo. After a while, Rey discovers the truth about Maggie, and is initially upset over her involvement, but Sharon convinces them to work together. The trio plans to replace the most valuable portraits in the mansion with cheap counterfeits. As Maggie and Rey try to take a portrait, they are caught by Luna and Nina. To avoid getting into trouble, Maggie kisses Rey, who is surprised by the gesture. Everyone is shocked to find out that Rey and Maggie are apparently dating.

Part 2






Sharon Benson
Former friend


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