Lunina (Lu/na and Nina) is the friendship pairing of Luna Valente and Nina Simonetti.


Season 1

Nina meets Luna in Jam & Roller on her second day in Buenos Aires. Nina tells Luna all about skating and gives her skate lubricant. Nina runs into Luna again on Luna's first day of school. They both arrive to class late, and talk to each other in the hall. Luna tells Nina about her nickname for Matteo.

Throughout the first season, Luna and Nina grow closer and closer and become best friends. Nina often helps Luna with her schoolwork, while Luna encourages Nina to skate and sing in front of other people. They are trusted confidants to one another and they tell each other everything. Besides Nina's parents, Luna is the only person that knows that Nina is FelicityForNow, and Nina also asks her for advice about RollerTrack and Gastón.

Other Names

  • Nilu (Nina and Lu/na)
  • Nuna (Nina and L/una)




  • Nina wears glasses, but Luna does not.
  • Luna has a passion for skating, but Nina has just begun to skate.


  • Nina was one of Luna's first friends in Buenos Aires. 


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