Simón: I love you.
Luna: Me too.

Lumón (Lu/na and Si/món) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Simón Álvarez and Luna Valente. They are best friends, and were dating from Season 1/Episode 61 to Season 1/Episode 70.

For the off-screen pairing of Karol Sevilla and Michael Ronda, see Mickarol.

Other Names

  • Simuna (Sim/ón and L/una)
  • Lunimón (Lun/a and S/imón)
  • Lusim (Lu/na and Sim/ón)
  • Simóna (Simó/n and Lu/na)


Before The Show

It is shown that they are best friends and work together at Foodger Wheels.

Season 1

Part 1

Simón watched Luna as she was late for work. He laughed as she fell into the sign and tried to get up. They both talk before getting caught by the boss. 

Luna reveals to Simón that she's leaving Cancún, and moving to Buenos Aires. Luna tells Simón that she'll miss him. After Luna moves to Buenos Aires, Luna and Simón talks on the phone. Simón tells Luna that he misses her a lot, and he sends her the song "Valiente". 

Simón later moves to Buenos Aires and surprises Luna at Jam & Roller where she is very happy to see him.

Part 1


Season 2


Season 3




  • Both have brown hair.
  • Both used to work at Foodger Wheels.
  • Both were raised in Mexico.
  • Both are teenagers.
  • Both like singing and rollerskating.
  • Both are good friends with Nina, Nico, and Pedro.
  • Both live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Both worked at Jam & Roller.
  • Both were about to leave Argentina and return to Mexico.
  • Both became jealous after seeing the other with someone else.



  • They won first place in the Intercontinental Skating Competition semi-final.
  • Simón gets jealous when he sees Luna with Matteo. 
  • Their ship name (Lumón) was confirmed on the official Soy Luna Facebook page. [1]
    • On the Disney Channel Germany Instagram page, they are referred to as Simuna.[2]
  • Luna was jealous when she saw Simón and Daniela kiss, leading her to realize that she has feelings for him.
  • When Nina saw Luna upset because of Simón and Daniela, she suspected that Luna liked Simón, which Luna later confirmed.
  • Michael Ronda ships Lumón, and believes that it is a very pretty couple.[3]
  • Simón first states that he is in love with Luna when he is talking to Nina in Season 1/Episode 23.
  • Simón tries to kiss Luna for the first time in Season 1/Episode 27.
  • In Season 1/Episode 29, Luna realizes that she may be in love with Simón.
  • In Season 1/Episode 36, Luna is jealous for the first time when Simón goes on a "date" with Mar.
  • In Season 1/Episode 37, Luna becomes jealous when Mar kisses Simón on the cheek, and Simón later confesses his love for Luna by singing "Eres" to her.
  • In Season 1/Episode 40, Simón is devastated when he sees Luna and Matteo kissing.
  • In Season 1/Episode 45, in Luna's dream, Simón is singing with another girl which makes Luna jealous once again. Later, Luna confesses to Nina that she was jealous when Mar told her that she liked Simón.
  • They share their first kiss in Season 1/Episode 60.
  • Simón breaks up with Luna in Season 1/Episode 70, because he realizes that she only loves him as a friend, and that she is in love with someone else.
  • In Season 2/Episode 09:
    • Although Luna is in love with Matteo, she is upset when Simón jokes that his relation with Jazmín is very close.
    • Simón is devastated when he learn that Luna and Matteo kissed (Season 1/Episode 80).
  • In Season 2/Episode 21, Luna tells Simón that she could hide him in the cellar again (Season 1) if Jam & Roller would close.
  • In Season 2/Episode 52, Luna asks Simón about his relation with Ámbar. Simón assures her that he and Ámbar are only friends.
  • In Season 2/Episode 62, when Simón and Matteo argue, Luna supports Simón.
  • In Season 2/Episode 69, when Simón defeats Gary in the skate duel, he hugs both Luna and Ámbar.
  • When Simón breaks up with Ámbar and when Luna breaks up with Matteo, Simón and Luna starts to spend more time together and their friendship grows even closer.
  • In Season 2/Episode 79, Simón and Luna sing "Andaremos" together.
  • In Season 2/Episode 80, after the competition, Simón and Luna meet on a beach and talk all that's happened and Luna finding out who she is. In the end, Luna says: "And in the end, it's only you and me Simón." and they share a long and heavy-hearted hug, while the camera zooms out from them and the second season comes to its end.
  • In Season 3/Episode 01, Luna admits that her relation with Simón got closer during vacation.
  • In Season 3/Episode 05, Luna confesses to Nina that she loves Simón and that he is more than a friend for her.
  • In Season 3/Episode 10:
    • Luna tries to confess her feelings to Simón but Ámbar interrupts them.
    • They sing "Andaremos" together.
    • Later, Luna tries to confess her feelings to Simón again but she resigns when Simón confess to her that he is in love with Ámbar.
  • In Season 3/Episode 11, Luna is devastated because Simón is in love with Ámbar.
  • In Season 3/Episode 18:
    • Luna reacts negatively when she sees that Simón and Ámbar sing "Solos" together.
    • Luna interrupts Simón and Benicio's quarrel about Ámbar.
    • Luna realizes that she confused her friendship with Simón with love.
  • In Season 3/Episode 35, Luna asks Simón to go with her to Sharon's room.
  • In Season 3/Episode 36, Simón (along with Pedro, Nico and Matteo) moves temporarily into a Luna's house.
  • In Season 3/Episode 57, when Simón and Luna talk about the times when they were a couple, Luna uses term "Lumón".


Song - The Lumón song could be "Valiente", since they have sung this song together in a duet, and Simón wrote this song for Luna. Another Lumón song is "Eres," since they sing this together. "Andaremos" could also be a Lumón song since Simón wrote it for their return to Mexico. Additionally, they have sung "Alas" and "Prófugos" together.

Episode - The Lumón episode could be "Season 1/Episode 60" since they share their first kiss in that episode. It could also be "Season 1/Episode 38," where they sing "Eres" together.

Color - The Lumón color could be yellow, since they both worked at the Foodger Wheels, and they had to wear a yellow shirt as a part of their uniform.

Place - The Lumón place could be Foodger Wheels because they both used to work there together. The Lumón place could also be Jam & Roller, since they both currently work there. A third Lumón place is Puerto Madero (a neighborhood in Buenos Aires), since they were seen together there in episode 37, and Simón sang the song "Eres" to Luna.


Season 1

Season 1/Episode 02

Luna: I love you, Simón.

Simón: Don't forget me.

Season 1/Episode 43

Luna: [to Simón] I don't like when we fight. I can't stand not talking to you.
Luna: [to Simón] Can you give me this last dance?

Season 1/Episode 44

Luna: Simón, I really need you.
Tino: [to Luna] You [and Simón] spend all day together. You guys look like a couple.

Season 1/Episode 50

Daniela: [to Simón] You spend so much time together. You're like siblings.

Season 1/Episode 52

Simón: [to Luna] Do you know how much your friendship is important to me?

Season 1/Episode 52

Simón: I love you.

Luna: Me too.

Season 1/Episode 61

Simón: [to Luna] I couldn't avoid kissing you.

Season 1/Episode 71

Simón: [to Luna] I love you too much to let you be sad.
Luna: [to Simón] I remember perfectly when you came to the Roller for the first time. I felt like Mexico had returned to me. I could see the sea. I felt the wind on my face.

Luna: I want that we are always together

Simón: We will. We will always be together.


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