This is a list of all the minor characters in the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna.


Soraya, nicknamed “the general,” is the general manager at Foodger Wheels in Cancún, Mexico. She was the boss of Luna Valente and Simón Álvarez. She is very strict and serious. Soraya has a son in a band.[1] She was portrayed by Veronica Segura.

The Deputy

The Deputy is a friend of Sharon Benson's. He visited her house and noticed that the picture of her sister and her brother-in-law was removed. He is kind and polite towards Sharon. After his meeting with Sharon, he sent her flowers. He was portrayed by Alejandro Aguirrebent.



Rocío is an employee at the asylum where Tino and Cato worked. She is also one of Rey’s contacts and helped him get information on the patients and workers of the asylum. She was portrayed by Rocío Galarraga.

Señora Rodríguez


Mrs. Rodríguez is a delusional patient at the asylum where Tino and Cato worked. She believed that Rey was her boyfriend and that Tino and Cato were her nephews. She likes porcelain dolls, gold rings, and Japanese fans. She was portrayed by Eva Adonaylo.



Roque is a florist that works at a cart in the plaza. He has a bit of a crush on Amanda. He also sold flowers to Matteo Balsano, which he gave to Flor. He was portrayed by Fabián Caero.

Alberto Rodriguez


Alberto was a chauffeur that worked in the Benson Mansion before Tino was hired. His duties included driving Luna and Ámbar to Blake South College every morning. Alberto has 10 years of prior chauffeur experience and great references when he was hired by Miguel Valente. His portrayer is uncredited.

Perla & Tomás


Perla and Tomás were partners in the skating competition at Jam & Roller. They made it all the way to the final round at Jam & Roller before getting eliminated. They received first place in the first round, second place in the second round, and third place in the third round. Perla has three pairs of skates which are rainbow/blue, gold, and white colored, while Tomás has two, a blue pair and a black pair. Despite appearing in many episodes, their actor’s are uncredited.

Marcos Gutiérrez

Marcos owns a photography business and helped Roberto Muñoz obtain a fake passport to leave the country with a woman and a child. He was Roberto’s only visitor in the asylum, which led Rey to approach him for information. Marcos was offered a large sum of money to tell Rey about Roberto’s dealings. He was portrayed by Gervasio Usaj.


Darío is a friend of Tamara's. He was left in charge of Jam & Roller while Tamara was at the International Skating Competition. He was portrayed by Darío Barassi.


Xavi is a Brazilian boy Nina met in Puerto Madero. He likes art and drawing. He had a crush on Nina. He reappeared in Season 2.[2] He is portrayed by Gabriel Calamari.


Arcade is a boy that Jazmín met in Puerto Madero. He has many fans. They had crushes on each other, but Jazmín lost interest when she found out that he is a gamer. He was portrayed by Santiago Steiben.


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Mariano is Tamara's ex-boyfriend. He is quite mean towards Ámbar's group and makes them work hard. For example, he is always criticizing them and making them skate until Gastón and Pedro could not feel their legs. He is portrayed by Thomas de las Heras.

Santi Owen

Santi (1)
Santi Owen is a very well-known music producer from Brazil. Ramiro knows about him and has tried to meet him. He watched the Open Music in Season 1/Episode 65 and seemed to like it. He returned in Season 2, but only for a short time. He is portrayed by Samuel Do Nascimento.


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