This is a list of all the minor character pairings in Soy Luna.



Fertteo (Fer/nanda and Ma/tteo) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Fernanda and Matteo Balsano. Fernanda had feelings for Matteo but he only saw her as a friend. They later fake dated and Fernanda tried to make Matteo fall for her but she never succeeded and they separated after the truth of their fake relationship came out.



Gastiro (Gast/ón and Ram/iro) is the friendship pairing of Gastón Perida and Ramiro. They are not very close, but sometimes hang out together. Gastón, along with Ramiro, likes to flirt with girls and always shows off. They had to work together, along with Pedro, in the Random Open Music.



Jina (Ji/m and Lu/na) is the friendship pairing of Jim and Luna Valente. They are the same age and about the same height. At the start of the show, they quickly become friends, as they're in the same year at school and both often hang out at Jam & Roller. 


Luco (Lu/na and Ni/co) is the friendship pairing of Luna Valente and Nicolás. When Luna met Nico at Jam & Roller, they became good friends. Nico helped Luna out, and gave her multiple skating passes.


Lustián (Lu/na and Seba/stián) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Luna Valente and Sebastián Villalobos. They first met in Season 1 when he visited Jam & Roller, and they kept in touch until he visited again in Season 2 after Luna had asked him to participate in their Farewell Open Music. During his second visit, Sebastián started having a huge crush on Luna, and even confessed, but Luna only ever saw him as a friend.



Monanda (Mon/ica and Am/anda) is the friendship pairing of Monica Valente and Amanda. They work together at the Benson House and often have conversations together.



Ninbar (Nin/a and Ám/bar) is the enemy pairing of Ámbar Smith and Nina Simonetti. Ámbar doesn't like Nina and sometimes calls her nerdy and Nina is always suspicious towards Ámbar.



Pedrimón (Pedr/o and S/imón) is the friendship pairing of Simón Álvarez and Pedro. They both work together and are in a band along with Nico. Pedro comforts Simón after his breakup with Luna.


Rambar (Ram/iro and Ám/bar) is the acquaintance pairing of Ramiro and Ámbar Smith. They have not had many moments together, but they do share several personality traits. For example, they both hate losing and always strive to be the best, and both can be very competitive and egotistic.



Rimara (Ri/cardo and Ta/mara) is the romantic pairing of Ricardo Simonetti and Tamara. At the beginning of the series, Ricardo is shown to have a crush on Tamara, and they go on a date in Season 1/Episode 39, but in the end it doesn't work out and they go their separate ways.



Sharey (Sha/ron and Rey) is the boss-worker/friendship pairing of Sharon Benson and Rey. Rey knows many of Sharon's secrets, and always tries to be polite to her. Sharon is often too hard on Rey. Rey helped Sharon find Sol Benson and then tried helping her keeping Luna (Sol) from finding the truth. In late Season 2, it was revealed that Rey had long had feelings for Sharon, although they were never answered. Sharon later kissed him out of thankfulness in Season 3/Episode 49.



Simico (Sim/ón and N/ico) is the friendship pairing of Simón Álvarez and Nicolás. They are in a band together along with Pedro. They both work at Jam & Roller. Nico has picked up on Simón's crush on Luna and helps him win her heart.



Simónela (Simón and Dani/ela) is the romantic pairing of Simón Álvarez and Daniela. She is introduced as Simón's acquaintance, and they gradually grew closer, until Season 1/Episode 50, where they kiss.


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Xavina (Xav/i and N/ina) is the romantic pairing of Xavi and Nina Simonetti. They met in Puerdo Madero and developed a crush on each other. He also appears for a longer time in Season 2, where he tries to win Nina back after she's broken up with Gastón.

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