Lionel Ferro (born April 26, 1995) is an Argentine YouTuber, actor, singer, and musician. He portrays Nicolás in Soy Luna.

Life and Career

Lionel was born in 1995 in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. He started his career with his YouTube channel, where he created the Twilight-based web-show Él de Crepúsculo (He from Twilight), and uploaded different episodes, sometimes featuring his co-stars from Soy Luna, such as Karol Sevilla. In June 2015, it was announced that he would play Nicolás on the new Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna


Year Title Role
2016 - 2018 Soy Luna Nicolás

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Work Result
2016 Kids' Choice Awards Argentina Chico Trendy (Trendy Boy) N/A Nominated

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Él de Crepúsculo


  • He has a YouTube channel.
  • His best friend (on set) is Karol Sevilla. [3]
  • He has a tattoo of a star on his neck.
  • In April 2015, he went to a "Violetta Live" concert in Buenos Aires.[4]
  • His fans are called "Ferristas".[5]
  • He has a brother named Franco.[6]
  • He guest-starred on Pijama Party.[7]
  • He reached 1 million followers on instagram on August 3, 2016.[8]
  • He and Samuel Nascimento made a Portuguese cover of "Valiente" together. [9]
  • He and co-star Jorge López have appeared on a radio show named "Media Pila", which is co-hosted by their fellow co-star Gastón Vietto.[10]
  • He has posted several covers on his YouTube channel, as well as "Tu Carita" (Your Face), an original song dedicated to his fans. [11]
  • He has a sister named Sasha.[13]
  • Due to personal reasons, Ferro revealed on February 13, 2017, that he won't be participating in Soy Luna en Concierto.[14]
  • Ferro is featured on the song "Uh Amor" by the Uruguayan band #TocaParaVos, which was released on May 11, 2017.[15]
  • Lionel is the only main cast member who has not participated in any of the Soy Luna concert tours.


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