Liliana "Lili" Benson is Luna's late biological mother and Bernie's late wife.

She is portrayed by Sofia Gonzalez.


It was said that both her and her husband, Bernie were great people. Her father, Alfredo, said Lili was artistic and sweet, and also creative, extrovert, a dreamer, cheerful and easily distracted, much like her daughter. She is said to have been her older sister Sharon's opposite.

Character History

Early Years 

Lili Benson was the younger sister of Sharon Benson and the wife of Bernie Benson. she and Sharon used to be very close until Sharon began to envied Lili for all the attention she received from their father when she and her sister were old teens, both were in love with the same man, which would later become Lili's huband.

Before the show

When Lili, through a letter found out that Sharon was in love with her husband, the two had a fight which resulted in Lili tripping and tugging at a curtain while falling into the fireplace, which made the curtain catch fire that soon spread through the house.

Season 1 

At the beginning of Soy Luna it is revealed that Lili, along with her husband Bernie, died in a fire in their mansion. They left behind their daughter Sol who is now known as Luna. Luna dreams about Lili several times, however is yet to figure out her identity.

Season 2


Season 3



  • The name 'Lili' means "Oath of God" or "God is satisfaction."
    • It is also an alternative spelling of the flower lily, which happened to be Lili's favorite flower.
  • She loved art and going to art museums.
    • She enjoyed drawing a lot herself too, as stated by her father and seen in Luna's dreams.
  • She has studied along with her sister in Paris.
    • She and Bernie also had their honeymoon in Paris.
  • Luna, after hearing her voice in a dream, thinks she sounds the same as Sharon, but lighter and sweeter.[1]



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