You all gave me my confidence back. So... I don't need the cane anymore.

— Juliana, Season 2/Episode 66

Juliana is a secondary introduced in Season 2 of Soy Luna. After Tamara leaves, Juliana joins Jam & Roller as its new trainer for the Jam & Roller skating team. As an ex-skater herself, Juliana is tough on the kids.

She is portrayed by Estela Ribeiro.


Juliana is very strict and cunning. She does what she believes to be right and always wants to have the last word. She is also very sarcastic and may often seem mean and inconsiderate. In the second half of Season 2, it is revealed that the reason for her harsh behavior is because of a past accident, which ended her skating career. This causes her to often act bitter and pessimistic, especially towards Luna, since she sees her own younger, rash, and carefree self in her, and she does not want the same thing to happen to Luna. The more the team get to know her and her background, she starts to open up and show that she is actually very sweet and kindhearted, and that she truly cares about her trainees and their well-being.


Season 2Edit

Juliana first appears in Season 2/Episode 22, where she is introduced to the staff of Jam & Roller as the new rink manager.

Season 3Edit



  • She is Brazilian, and sometimes uses Brazilian expressions.
  • She used to always carry a walking stick, due to an old injury she suffered from during her skating career.
  • She is highly sarcastic.
  • She dislikes Nico's hairstyle.[1]
  • She chose Simón and Matteo as the leads of her team for Roda Fest.[2]
  • She and Luna were often at odds, but got closer as the season went on.
  • Both during her career and after it ended, she was seen as one of the best skaters in the world.


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