Joaquín Berthold is an Argentine actor, hockey player and director. He has been in several movies and TV series. He is best known for portraying Matias LaFontaine on the Disney Channel Original Series Violetta and Gary López in Juacas and Soy Luna. He has also been in La cámara oscura (2008), Lucky Luke (2009), Papá por un día (2009), El amigo alemán (2012), Amaranto (2012) La montana que llora (2014), El Clan (2015), Corralon (2017), Natacha (coming soon) and in theater in Dinner, Pieza Plástica and much, much more.


  • He is a hockey player.
  • The name Joaquín means "established to God".
  • He participated in the McDíaFeliz on McDonalds in Argentina. 
  • It is possible that he smokes.[citation needed]
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