Joaquín Berthold Pomar is an Argentine-German actor, field hockey player, and director. He portrays Gary López on Soy Luna and Juacas and was a part of Argentina's men's national hockey team. He is most known for his role as Matías on Disney's teen telenovela Violetta.

Life and Career

Berthold grew up in San Isidro but spent six years in Brazil and almost two years in Germany due to his father's work.[1] His grandfather founded the SAG Polvorines hockey club that Berthold played on for many years.[2]

Berthold started playing field hockey at a young age and in 2014, he made the Argentina men's national field hockey team as a goalkeeper. But due to filming for Violetta, he was unable to participate in the World Cup. He eventually left the team altogether to devote more time to acting.[3]

From 2012 to 2015, Berthold was a part of the main cast of Pol-ka Production's Violetta. He also appeared in other Pol-ka telenovelas such as Sos mi vida and Argentina, tierra de amor y venganza.[4] In 2017, Berthold landed a recurring role as Gary López on the Brazilian series Juacas.[5] He reprised this role in Season 2 of Soy Luna as a recurring character and was upgraded to the main cast for the third season.

Berthold is also active in live theater, having performed in works such as Walter, La divina comedia, and Malcom in Macbeth, which was performed at the Teatro General San Martín, a prominent Argentine venue on Corrientes Avenue.[6] Berthold has also directed a number of productions at El Grito, a theater founded by his mother.[6][7][8]

Berthold is married to Luciana Cruz Font and has two kids, Laurato and Malena.[4]


Year Title Role
2004 El resquicio Joaquín
2005 Sin código
Conflictos en red
2006 Juanita, la soltera
Los ex
Sos mi vida
2008 La traque Herbert John
La cámara oscura David
2009 Papá por un día
Lucky Luke Henchman
2010 Terra ribelle Capitano Giacheri
Para vestir santos
2011 Ecos
2012 El amigo alemán Polaco
La viuda de rafael
Historia clinica
2012 - 2015 Violetta Matías LaFontaine
2015 Focus Party Guest #2
El clan Caña Varela
2016 Cinéfilo Julia Petrella
2017 - 2019 Juacas Gary López
2017 - 2018 Soy Luna
2017 Corralón
Natacha, la película Natacha's dad
2018 Bañeros 5: Lentos y cargosos Fede
100 días para enamorarse Leo
2019 Argentina, tierra de amor y venganza Ernesto Sagasti

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  • He participated in the McDíaFeliz at McDonald's in Argentina in 2013 and 2014.[9][10]
  • He can speak German and Portuguese.[6]
  • He is 1.84 meters tall.[6]


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