Jimiro (Ji/m and Ra/miro) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Jim and Ramiro.

Other names

  • Jamiro (J/im R/amiro)
  • Rim (R/amiro and J/im)
  • Rimena (R/amiro and J/imena)


Before the Show

It has been shown that they have been friends for some time. It is possible that Ramiro has always been getting in between Jim's fights with her best friend, Yam.

Season 1

Jim and her best friend, Yam, show Ramiro their dance and he calls them beginners, saying that their dance isn't bad. They both have a passion for dancing and creating choreographies, and even have a dance battle on the stage once. Ramiro wants to be Jim’s partner in the International Skating Competition and tells Jim that she is a better skater than Yam and that there is a special chemistry between them. Jim panics and lies about being partners with Nico to avoid his offer. Despite this, Jim eventually realizes her crush on Ramiro, but he later confesses to her that he likes Yam. He never actually finds out about Jim's feelings for him. Instead, Jim puts her friends over herself and always tries to help Yam with her relationship with Ramiro. Closer to the end of the season both Jim and Ramiro decide to leave the skating team, but after a speech from Luna, they both agree to return.

Season 2

In this season they continue to have a friendly and trusting relationship. They are often seen dancing together and rehearsing for performances together with Yam, for the Open Music. Neither her nor Yam want him to go away and they get mad at him when he starts paying more attention to the 'Adrenaline' team than to their trio act at the Open Music. Later though he makes it up to them, and even spray paints his hair to support them when they accidentally discolor their hair before the performance. This season, they are both shown to have bevome even better skaters and often skate together. Yet they are kicked out of the team by Juliana, who instead chooses Luna, Matteo, Ámbar and Simón for the competition. Jim again encourages his relationship with Yam at the end of the season and is genuinely happy for them when they get together again.

Season 3

Part 1

When Ramiro decides to join the Red Sharks, Jim is at first the only one who maintains a relatively good relationship with him, as he even helps her with some choreography. She also understands his reasons for leaving, as she also has dreams for her future. Even when Yam and Ramiro break up, she thinks Yam is being too tough on him. Eventually though, they too become more distant when Ramiro fully joins the Red Sharks and everyone thinks he's a traitor.

Part 2

Later on, in the second part of the season, it becomes very clear how Jim has a soft spot for Ramiro. When Yam insults him when he says nice things, she disagrees with her and nudges her the whole time, giving her weird looks. Also, when he wants to rejoin the team, she's quite happy and really thinks he changed and deserves a second chance, though her best friend is against it. After he does join, they have a very friendly relationship again, as they talk often, and she is trying to help him patch things up with Yam. At the Mexican RollerJam, she compliments his appearance, and then when Emilia threatens him, she wants to step in, but Ramiro handles it well on his own, and she looks at him proudly.




  • Ramiro is Chilean, while Jim is Spanish.
  • Ramiro is in love with Yam, while Jim is just friends with Yam.
  • Ramiro has blackish brown hair, while Jim has red hair.
  • Ramiro is taller than Jim.


  • They once had an informal dance off.


Song - The Jimiro song could be "A rodar mi vida", since they both sang the song at Open Music.

Episode - The Jimiro episode could be Season 1/Episode 02 as it is first shown that they are friends in that episode.

Color - The Jimiro color could be blue since they both wear it a lot.

Place - The Jimiro place could be Jam & Roller, since they both hang out and practice their dances there.


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