Jimena "Jim" is a character in the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna. She is portrayed by Ana Jara.


Jim has a bright personality and falls in love easily. She is also quiet, thoughtful, and creative. She loves to skate, but her true passion is dancing. She takes her talent very seriously and values her best friend, Yam very much. Jim believes Yam balances her out and that they complement each other.


Season 1

Jim meets Luna on her first day at school. Jim and Yam, her best friend, show Luna the dance they were preparing for the Open Music. She and Yam also show their dance to Ramiro, who says the dance "isn't bad," and calls them "beginners."




Best Friend
See: Jam

Jam (5)

They are best friends with a passion for dancing. Jim revealed that she has a crush on Ramiro, which Yam didn't understand. They always have little fights, but they eventually make up. They share the same big admiration for FelicityForNow.



See: Jico


Jim and Nico are friends. Jim is aware that he has a crush on her, but still has feelings for Ramiro. They danced together for the skating competition and sang "A rodar mi vida" and "Un destino" together. She develops feelings for Nico as the series go on, after a lot of misunderstanding thanks to Delfina, who told Gastón that Jim had a crush on him. After Delfina tells Nico the truth, he is still fighting with Jim because they can't trust each other. Yam and Pedro try to get them together, but they fail. After Nico gives Jim a reconciliation cake, they finally arrange a date. Soon after, though, Gastón seems suddenly interested in skating with Jim, and Nico feels threatened.


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Ramiro sees Jim as a friend and has opened up to her about never losing anything. They once had an informal dance battle when Jim saw Ramiro dancing on the stage in Jam & Roller. Ramiro is unaware of her crush on him. After she realizes that she has a crush on Nico, she leaves the way open for Yam to be with him.


  • In the Brazilian Portuguese dub of Soy Luna, her name is Yim.[3]
  • She is Spanish, and speaks with a clear Spanish accent.[4]
  • She's often seen wearing tattoo chokers and different necklaces. 
  • Her partner for the roller skating contest is Nico.
  • It was revealed in Season 1/Episode 23 that she is 16.
  • The meaning of 'Jimena' is 'heard'.[5]
  • Her fashion style is quite rock-ish.
  • She is better at choreographing dances than she is at singing.[4]
  • She misses Spain a lot, the parks, the food. But she won't return there since she has her whole life in Argentina now.[6]
  • She's a romantic and believes in love at first sight.[6]
  • Between playing video games and watching movies she chooses movies, since she is very bad at playing video games.[6]
  • If she could travel through time, she would travel back in time, and fix all times she has messed something up.[6]
  • She thinks that friendship is more important than winning.[6]
  • She, along with Matteo, is one of the main characters to be absent once.


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