José Andrés Chiluiza Calderón (born January 19, 1997), known professionally by his stage name Jandino, is an Ecuadorian YouTuber, actor, singer, and songwriter. He portrays Eric Andrade on Soy Luna.

Life and Career

Jandino was born in the province of Santa Elena, Ecuador, but moved to Argentina at age 2.[2] His father was a singer and his sister is a composer.[2] As a child, he participated in the reality shows Pequeños brillantes, Ecuador tiene talento, and Peque talentos.[2]

He started his YouTube channel in 2015 and has posted numerous songs by artists such as Nicky Jam and Sebastián Yatra.[3] He collaborates often with his co-stars on the channel and in 2020, began to post original music.

In 2018, he joined the cast of Soy Luna for its third season and wrote two songs for the album.[1] He also participated in the Soy Luna en Vivo farewell tour for one production in Ecaudor. After the end of Soy Luna, Jandino joined the main cast of BIA in 2019.[2]


Year Job Role
2018 Soy Luna Eric Andrade
2019 - present BIA Jandino

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  • He talks in his sleep.
  • His favorite type of music is reggaeton.
  • He likes dogs and he has more than 12 of them.
  • He likes playing video games.
  • His favorite color is green.
  • His favorite food is from McDonald's, but he has begun to like sushi after his move to Argentina.
  • When he makes a video or a cover, he wants it to be 100% perfect.
  • He doesn't have a favorite song, because he likes listening to many songs.
  • His worst fear is that something bad would happen to his family.
  • His biggest dream is to travel the world.
  • He always sleeps late.
  • Jandino is in a relationship with his co-star Andrea de Alba.


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