Gastón: It doesn't matter how many times we write our names in the sand. The sea will always wash them away.
Nina: The sea doesn't wash them away. I think the sea keeps them. There's a legend that says that when two people in love write their names on the shore, the sea keeps them and guards them. And if their love is true, one day, the sea will give the names back, so that the lovers can find each other again.

Gastón and Nina, Season 2/Episode 79

This article is about the relationship between Nina and Gastón. If you were looking for the relationship between Delfina and Gastón, see Gasfina.

Gastina (Gast/ón and N/ina) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Gastón Perida and Nina Simonetti.

For the off-screen pairing of Agustín Bernasconi and Carolina Kopelioff, see Aguslina.


Before the Show

Nina already has a slight crush on Gastón when the series begins.

Season 1

Part 1

Nina and Gastón have their first real interaction when Nina drops a book. Gastón picks up the book, and looks impressed because he likes the book too. As he starts to talk about it, she remains speechless. Nina takes her book back, and practically runs away.

After they both choose Photography as an extracurricular activity, they are paired up together for an assignment where they need to take pictures of each other. As Nina works with Gastón, she begins to develop even more feelings for him. The teacher then picks her work as the best in the class, and shows everyone the pictures she took of Gastón.

Then Nina uses the username FelicityForNow to comment on "Fab and Chic" to contradict the opinions of Delfina and Jazmín. Her comments are well-received and she starts getting very popular, so she starts her own blog. She has many fans, such as Jim and Yam, but also Gastón, who uses the username RollerTrack to talk to FelicityForNow privately. Gastón falls in love with Felicity, but he doesn't realise who she is and is fooled by Delfina, who pretends to be her.

When Gastón finds out that Delfina is not Felicity, he uses all of his resources to find who she is; he dedicates a song to her during an Open Music, and he seeks the help of Delfina and Jazmín.

Part 2

Eventually, FelicityForNow agrees to talk to Gastón by web-cam. Later, Gaston continues to search for Felicity and starts developing feelings for Nina too. In episode 70-71 he asks Nina if she is invited to Ámbar's party, and he later asks her to go skating with him. In episode 73 he sees Nina at the party and says that she looks pretty. Nina and Gaston also keep chatting as Felicity and RollerTrack, leading to Gastón finding out that Felicity is in Luna's room. He sees Nina and comes up to her, covers his eyes and shares a romantic dance with her.

Later, in episode 75, Nina is revealed to be FelicityForNow, and she and Gastón share their first kiss in episode 80.

Season 2

Part 1

When the show returns, Nina and Gastón are officially dating, and their relationship is very public. Gastón brings flowers to Nina at school on occasion, and he is often spotted with his arm around her. Together, they perform "Mitad y mitad" at the first Open Music of the year, and alongside each other at the farewell Open Music. Weeks later, Nina lies to Gastón and begs for forgiveness, but Gastón is not ready to forgive her yet and wants to take a pause in their relationship.

Days after the "breakup", Xavi contacts Nina and asks her to meet up. At the skating competition, Xavi finds Nina and gives her flowers. Gastón sees this and becomes jealous.

Part 2

Xavi and Nina spend some time together, which makes Gaston jealous. When Flor, Matteo's cousin, comes to Buenos Aires, Nina gets really jealous and thinks that they would date because Gaston and her also spend some time together. But in Episode 59 they share their second kiss.

After they get back together, Gastón later decides that he wants to attend Oxford university in London after all. This would mean they would have a long distance relationship, which they both accept.

In Episode 79 in Cancún, shortly before Rodafest, Nina and Gastón are walking hand in hand by the shoreline. They have written their names in a heart in the sand, but the waves wash them away. Gastón complains that, no matter how many times they write their names in the sand, the waves will always swill them away. Nina then says that that isn't necessarily the case, and that a legend says, that when two lovers write their names in the sand, the sea will save and guard them. And if their love is true, one day, the waves will give them back so the lovers can find each other again. They look sadly into each other's eyes and share their third kiss.

Season 3

Part 1

After calling each other almost everyday to talk, in Episode 10, Gastón flies from Oxford back to Buenos Aires and prepares a surprise for Nina. With the help of Matteo, he lures Nina out to a park. There, Nina sees their names written inside a heart in the sand. She smiles, and Gastón comes up from behind her, and forms a heart with his hands. Nina too forms a heart, and after that, they look into the other's eyes and share their fourth kiss.

Other Names

  • Nastón (N/ina and G/astón)
  • FelicityTrack (Felicity/ForNow and Roller/Track)
  • Gasnina (Gas/tón and Nina)



  • Both have brown hair.
  • They both hung out at Jam & Roller.
  • Both have a best friend (Gastón: Matteo; Nina: Luna)
  • Both are Argentinean.
  • Both attend or attended Blake South College.
  • Both like photography and have a similar way of seeing nature. They also were in the photography class at Blake South College together.
  • Both like reading.
  • Both went on dates with other people before they started dating (Gaston: Delfina; Nina: Xavi).
  • Both have sung duo songs with their best friends (Gaston & Matteo: Aquí Estoy; Nina & Luna: Sin Fronteras)


  • Nina is really shy, but Gastón is very confident and talkative.
  • Nina is learning to skate, while Gastón is a talented skater.
  • Gastón is in the grade above Nina.
  • Gastón was Nina's first boyfriend, but she was not his first girlfriend.


  • Gastón and Nina own the same book: La otra cara de Saturno (The other face of Saturn).
  • Gastón has said that Nina's words are moving.
  • Their ship name, Gastina, was confirmed on the Soy Luna Facebook Page.


Song - The Gastina song could be Mitad y mitad, since they sing it together at the first Open Music of Season 2.

Episode - The Gastina episode could be episode 6, since they're seen together there for the first time. It could also be Season 1/Episode 80, because they share their first kiss in that episode.

Place - The Gastina place could be Jam & Roller, since they both hang out there.

Color - The Gastina color could be cyan, since that is the color made when their favorite colors (blue and green) are mixed.


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