Gary López is an antagonist introduced in Season 2 of Soy Luna. He is Nico's uncle. Gary has had great success in business and he thinks his new Red Sharks skating team will be no different.

He is portrayed by Joaquín Berthold.


Gary is an influential businessman who will do anything to get what he wants. When it comes to money and businesses Gary is unscrupulous. While being mean and arrogant to most of the main characters, including Eric Andrade, whom he bullies the most, Gary sometimes shows a soft side whenever he is around Ana, his crush.

Gary was also nice to Nina only because he thought that she and Nico were dating while most of the time he did not like it when she was writing negative things about the Red Sharks. At one point, when Gary wanted to punish Jam & Roller for using the rink behind his back, Nina stood up for her friends in a very intelligent way that left Gary stunned and he, because of the supposed romance with his nephew, decided to relent.


Before the Show

Gary lived in a coastal Brazilian town with his son Sebastián. He owned the Red Sharks surfing team that his son surfs on.

Season 2

Part 2

He comes to Jam & Roller, planning to invest money into the team. Gary also has Matteo's album cancelled, which leaves him frustrated.

Season 3

Part 1

After Jam & Roller's loss at Roda Fest, he re-brands the restaurant and team into the "Red Sharks," named after his surf team, with Ámbar, Emilia, Benicio and Ramiro as the official teammates. Although they are excellent skaters, Gary is usually very harsh on them for their overconfidence and selfishness. Nevertheless, Gary does whatever it takes to prevent Jam & Roller from being brought back to its former glory and keeping them out of the rink at all times. Eric Andrade is the new rink assistant, whom Gary often intimidates. He briefly fires Juliana for her involvement with the Roller in using the rink to rehearse and record a video. He also considered to have her training license suspended by the skating federation. When he tried to punish Jam & Roller for their defiance, Nina strikes back at Gary with blackmailing and he relents. However, since his nephew Nico was the one looking after the place, Gary, as punishment for his betrayal, gives him and Pedro an ultimatum: They will have to pay monthly rents of his loft or face being kicked out if they don't have the money. They manage to keep the loft thanks to Matteo's cooperation. Gary is then forced to hire Juliana back for two reasons: The trainer who replaced her decided to quit due to Red Shark's rude behaviour while other trainers turned him down. Gary later hires Ada as a supervisor and also to spy on Jam & Roller, though she never does it out of affection for the team after her previous visit.

Gary's hiding his identity of César Morina, while Nina's mom Ana works to expose César. Oblivious to Gary's true identity, Ana starts to date Gary. The day of the Red Shark Festival arrives and things could not get any worse. The Roller team is barred from attending on Gary's orders and, to lift their spirits, they decide to skate outside. Felipe Mendevilla, an olympic skater, was also in attendance and struck by Luna's talent, but Gary tricks him into believing that she had an injury when asked about her. To his an the Red Shark's shock, people started to leave so they could watch Jam & Roller skating outside and their performance went viral. Felipe is disappointed that Gary lied to him. Furious, Gary lashed out at the Red Sharks and accused them of being completely unproffesional and only thinking about themselves. In addition, he argues that the Jam & Roller were active in promoting their team to the media while Red Sharks did nothing that could boost their popularity, only posting memes and couple pictures. He feels that trusting them was a mistake, though they refuse to take responsibility as they believe that Luna planned the whole thing only because she and her friends were not allowed inside. Later on, Gary (in an emotional outburst) reprimands Eric for his incompetence in doing his job of keeping the Roller team out. Unbeknownst to him, Ana walks in and realizes Gary's true identity.

Part 2

For the second part, Gary has a smaller role than the one he had in the previous part since there is little future ahead for the Red Sharks team and lots of possibilities for the revival of Jam & Roller. After he's done arguing with Eric and leaves, Ana asks Ada if the man is actually Gary and she confirms it. Despite the Red Sharks' refusal of accepting defeat, Gary suspends all trainings until further notice. Ana confronts Gary and he tries to explain himself, but Ana refuses to hear anything and cuts ties with him. However, this doesn't seem to take any effect on Gary as he fires Juliana again, deeming her responsible for the festival's cancellation. Juliana is pleased about this now that she won't have to stick to his authority anymore. Gary eventually and permanently disbands the Red Sharks, much to their distraught and fury; Emilia (who left her country and family to pursue her dream) and Ramiro (who aspires to commit himself to the skating) are the most affected by the news. As a last minute back-up plan, Gary proposes that Jam & Roller be the new Red Sharks and replace the former teammates; they refuse. As revenge for being rejected, Gary kicks Nico, Pedro, Simón and Matteo out of his loft, leaving them with no other choice but to move to the Benson Mansion. Gary was further angered to learn that Nina wrote another article that exposes his true character. Gary once again tries to make things right with Ana, yet she rejects him again and pleads with him to stop tormenting the Roller team. With nothing else to do, Gary leaves Jam & Roller for good and Ámbar takes his place as the sole administrator.


  • He originally made his debut appearance on the Brazilian TV series Juacas representing the Red Sharks surf team.
  • He does not like losers.
  • Gary's son and Nico's cousin, Sebastián López, made a cameo appearance in the seventh episode when he visited his father's loft to pick up his surfboard.
  • He is the fifth and final male main character to depart the series and the sixth and final main character overall.


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