Florencia “Flor” is a recurring character on Soy Luna. She is Matteo Balsano’s globetrotting cousin, who has been living in France for the past couple of years.

She is portrayed by Thelma Fardin.


Flor is a friendly and open-minded girl. Her travels have influenced how she thinks about the world.


Season 1

Flor was born in Argentina, but has been living in Paris, France for the past four years. She has been to Spain, Italy, Thailand, India, and Holland with her family.

Flor’s family is in Buenos Aires for business, so she visits Matteo, her cousin. She updates Matteo on her love life as she is currently single after breaking up with Antione. Matteo introduces Flor to Jam & Roller, where she ends up spending a lot of her time during her trip. After seeing the band practice “Un destino,” she wants to participate with Nico, Pedro, and Simón in the Open Music. Their band is nameless, so Flor tries to help them come up with some ideas through meditation.

She developes a crush on Nico when he saves her from falling in the rink. She then asks him to teach her how to skate better. She asks Nico out, but he does not reciprocate the crush. At the same time, Gastón Battan has a crush on Flor, but Flor remains oblivious of it until her final days in Argentina. Gastón tells her that he will miss seeing her, but Flor responds by saying that he’ll get over her and that you can’t fall in love with someone in only a few days.

Before leaving, Flor tells Matteo that he should consider trying something new, and that there is a lot of chemistry and connection between him and Luna.

Season 2

Flor is invited to return to Buenos Aires by Matteo. Gastón is surprised and happy by seeing her. Flor and Gastón go on a date before Flor leaves Argentina along with her parents.


  • She loves mango smoothies.