Fab and Chic is a blog page previously owned by Jazmín Carvajal and Delfina, now only by Delfina. They often post vlogs, in the beginning of the series almost always about the relationship between Ámbar and Matteo. They also comment on fashion and post style guides.


  • They had 5,261 subscribers at the beginning of the series.
  • Nina tried to film a vlog for them, but Jazmín and Delfina didn't like her ideas. She then suggested doing an interview with the two of them, but it backfired when she started asking them about Luna falling during her skate test.
  • Nina uses the alias FelicityForNow to comment on their videos.
  • Sebastián Villalobos was a special guest on their blog and filmed the third Open Music for them.
  • Jazmín believes that when Delfina records, she gets crooked footage and people's worst angels.[1]


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