Carolina Kopelioff (born August 30, 1996) is an Argentine actress and singer. She portrays Nina Simonetti in Soy Luna.

Life and Career

She started studying acting when she was little, focusing on singing, dancing, theatre and musicals. [2]


Year Title Role
2016 - 2018 Soy Luna Nina Simonetti

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  • To get the role of Nina, she had to audition ten times.[3]
  • Soy Luna is her first big TV appearance.[3]
  • She has visited Israel 3 times.[3]
  • Her father lived in Israel until he was 3 years old.[3]
  • In an Israeli interview, she said that she knew a few Hebrew words, such as "Shalom"/"שָׁלוֹם" (hello/peace/bye).[3]
  • She has a lot of friends and she loves going out with them, as well as spending time with her family.[2]
  • She loves sport, going to the cinema and the theatre, and travelling. [2]
  • She plays hockey.[1]
  • She is a part of "Amigos Por El Mundo" and her campaign is to build a garden.[4]
  • She has a cousin named Tomás.[5]


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