The Benson Mansion is where the Bensons and Valentes live. The first known owners were Bernie Benson's parents, and now the mansion is under the ownership of their granddaughter Luna Valente.


The mansion had once belonged to Luna's late biological father Bernie Benson's parents, but after Bernie and Lili Benson got married, they moved into the mansion along with Lili's older sister Sharon. After an unknown amount of time, Sharon accidentally caused a house fire when she was arguing with Lili, and Lili and Bernie died in the fire. After repairing the damage, Sharon and her adoptive daughter Ámbar moved into the mansion.

The daily staff of the mansion live on site in the servant's quarters. When Sharon hired Mónica and Miguel Valente to work in the mansion, they moved into the house with their daughter Luna. After Simón Álvarez followed Luna to Buenos Aires, he hid in the storeroom before finding a permanent place to live. A few weeks later, Tino Alcaraz and Cato Alcoba were hired as the new chauffeur and head of maintenance, respectively, and moved into the residence as well.

After it was revealed that Luna was the rightful heir of the Benson fortune and owner of the mansion, Sharon fled the country and the mansion came into the ownership of Luna and her parents. They then moved back there together with Luna's grandfather Alfredo Bilder and Ámbar. After the Roller Band lost their apartment, Luna invited them to stay in the mansion. Luna also hosted the exchange student Michel for some time. In Season 3/Episode 59, there is a fire in the mansion once again, but the damage is repaired within a month.

Known Rooms and Spaces

  • The Foyer
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Luna's Bedroom
  • Ámbar's Bedroom
  • Sharon's Bedroom
  • Storeroom/Warehouse
  • Garage
  • Mónica & Miguel's Bedroom
  • Alfredo's bedroom






  • Unnamed gardener
  • Security guard



  • At the time of Bernie and Lili's death, the house was valued at 18 million dollars, on a street where the average price of a house is 10 million dollars.[1]
  • A report in the newspaper, shown in Season 1, claimed that the fire started in the garage. In Season 2, it was revealed that the fire actually started in the living room, not the garage.
  • Miguel mentioned that it's located in Zona Norte, which is one of the wealthiest parts of suburban Buenos Aires.
  • "Für Elise" by Beethoven is the mansion's hold music on the phone.
  • Rey directly refers to the house as the "Benson Mansion" when answering calls.
  • Exterior shots of the mansion were filmed at Palacio Sans Souci, the same location where the finale of Violetta was filmed.


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