I always get what I want.
— Benicio, Season 3/Episode 05

Benicio is a character introduced in Season 2 of Soy Luna. Benicio has a rocky set of morals and will do anything to get what he wants.

He is portrayed by Pasquale Di Nuzzo.


Benicio is bright, cocky, self-assured and manipulative. He is always looking for success and personal gain no matter what damage he may cause along the way. At the end of the series, he and Emilia realize that their behavior won’t get them anywhere and they both decide to change, which is shown in the last episode where they act much nicer and humbler to Juliana and others.


Before the Show

Benicio used to live in Cancún and worked at Foodger Wheels with Simón Álvarez, but quit before Luna Valente got a job there. He used to always get Simón in trouble, which made Simón dislike him a lot.

Season 2

Part 2

In Season 2/Episode 53, Benicio arrives to Buenos Aires and visits Simón, Pedro and Nico in their apartment. He is revealed to be Simón's acquaintance.

In Season 2/Episode 55, it's revealed that Simón doesn't like Benicio because of his behavior in the past. Benicio tries to apologize to Simón.

In the end of the same episode, Benicio sees Ámbar for the first time and immediately starts crushing on her.

In Season 2/Episode 56, Benicio officially meets Ámbar. He tries to flirt with her, but Jazmín, Delfi, Jim and Yam interrupt them by showing them meme about Benicio which makes Benicio angry.

In Season 2/Episode 57, Benicio and Ámbar crush Juliana's crystal skate.

In Season 2/Episode 58, Benicio isn't happy when he notices that Ámbar is jealous when Simón sings with Sabrina Carpenter.

Later, Benicio "accidentally" puts on the internet video which discredits Juliana.

In Season 2/Episode 59, Benicio asks Ámbar about her feelings for Simón. Ámbar don't deny and suggests Benicio that he is jealous.

When Luna tells Simón about what Jazmín had said, that Benicio accidentally put on the internet video which discredited Juliana, Simón reacts violently. He tells her that Benicio does nothing 'by accident'.

In Season 2/Episode 60, Ámbar argues with Benico for the first time when Benicio's plan may complicate the Jam & Roller Team's (and therefore Ámbar's) participation in the Roda Fest finale.

In Season 2/Episode 62, Luna, Simón and Juliana discover that Benicio destroyed Juliana's crystal skate.

In Season 2/Episode 63, Juliana bans Benicio from Jam & Roller. He is also thrown out of the apartment by Simón, Pedro and Nico.

Later, Benicio tells Ámbar that he didn't tell Juliana that she had been his complice in destroying Juliana's crystal skate. Ámbar is genuinely surprised and asks Benicio why he didn't tell her. In response to her question, Benicio kisses her. Ámbar doesn't protest.

In Season 2/Episode 64, Ámbar asks Benicio why he kissed her but he avoids answering. When he later tries to kiss her again, she stops him.

Season 3

Part 1

In Season 3/Episode 04, Benicio returns to Buenos Aires and meets with Ámbar. He kisses her on the cheek in greeting which makes Ámbar dissatisfied.

In Season 3/Episode 05, Benicio joins to Red Sharks.

In Season 3/Episode 09, Benicio asks Ámbar if she'll be his girlfriend but she refuses him.

In Season 3/Episode 15, Benicio and Ámbar kiss for the second time.

In Season 3/Episode 21, when Jazmín records them, Benicio and Ámbar kiss, hoping that their kiss will increase a popularity of Red Sharks Team.

Part 2

In Season 3/Episode 34, Benicio kisses Ámbar again.

In Season 3/Episode 35, Benicio asks Ámbar again if she'll be his girlfriend. Ámbar refuses him again.

Although Ámbar refused Benicio, in Season 3/Episode 36 it's revealed that they are a couple.

In Season 3/Episode 45, Ámbar breaks up with Benicio.



Ámbar Smith


  • He is Italian.
  • He is the second and final Italian character on the show after Matteo, though the two of them rarely interacted with each other due to Simón being Benicio's longtime rival.
  • In Season 2/Episode 59, when Jazmín tells Luna that Benicio accidentally put on the internet video which discredited Juliana, Luna reacts like she knows Benicio. Their first meeting wasn't shown on screen.
  • Benicio is probably the only person Simón hates and doesn't believe is able to change.
  • He, along with Emilia and Gary López, is one of the recurring characters introduced in Season 2 to become main characters in Season 3.
  • He appeared in almost every episode in Season 3, save for the first third and Season 3/Episode 32 in which only Emilia appears.


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