Ana Jara Martínez (born November 17, 1995) is a Spanish actress. She portrays Jim in Soy Luna.

Life and CarrerEdit

Ana Jara Martínez was born in 1995 in the metropolitan city of Valencia, Spain. She has a brother named Raúl Jara. She attended university and studied musical theater, modern dance, and advertising. Before landing the role of Jim in Soy Luna, she starred in the children's musical DULAND and a regional production of Hoy no me puedo levantar.


Year Title Role
2016 - 2018 Soy Luna Jim
2019 Bajo la red Anaís Almu

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  • She likes painting.
  • She is the only Spanish cast member in the show. 
  • Her favorite color is green.[2]
  • Her favorite Disney movie is Cinderella.[2]
  • She has a dog named Nelson, and her brother has a rabbit, which is also named Nelson.[2]
  • She went to the premiere of the movie "Tini - El Gran Cambio de Violetta" in Buenos Aires.[3]
  • In May 2016, she traveled to Jujuy, Argentina, with Michael Ronda and Jorge López.[4]
  • She describes herself as a happy person who loves doing new things every day. [5]
  • She thinks that she is a very simple and natural girl, and she's very proud of that. [5]
  • She speaks Catalan/Valencian (a dialect of Catalan), since she's originally from Valencia, where Valencian is spoken, for example, one day she posted a photo saying "bona nit", which means "goodnight" in Catalan.[6]
  • She had a nose piercing, but has since taken it out.[7]
  • During the filming of Soy Luna, she lived with Jorge López and Michael Ronda.[8][9]
  • She has signed a friendship contract with Jorge and Michael.[10]
  • She and Michael Ronda were dating in 2019.[11][12][13]
    • Their ship name is Michana.
  • If she had to choose between a special gift or a romantic gesture she would choose a special gift.[14]
  • If she could travel through time, she would travel far into the future.[14]
  • She wrote a book named "Soy muchas cosas en un cuerpo tan pequeño."[15]
  • She is a feminist and participated in the Women's Day march in March 2020.[16]
  • She surfs.[17]
  • In April 2020, she adopted a dog named Coco.[18]


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