Ada is a recurring character introduced in the second season of Soy Luna. When her twin sister Eva is invited to join the Roller Band, they decide to occasionally switch places so that Ada can join in on the fun.

She is portrayed by Candelaria Molfese.


Season 2

Ada's twin sister Eva joins the Roller Band. She and Ada pretend to be the same person because they both want to sing for the Roller Band. Their ruse is complicated when the twins have crushes on different boys: Ada having a crush on Nico and Eva having a crush on Pedro. Pedro and Nico don't know that Ada and Eva aren't the same person.

In Season 2/Episode 36, Matteo catches Ada talking with Eva. Eva confesses that Ada is her twin sister and asks Matteo not to reveal their secret.

In Season 2/Episode 39, Jazmín, having been told the truth by Eva, accidentally confesses to Simón that Eva has a twin. By the end of the episode, Eva and Ada accidentally reveal their secret to everyone at Jam & Roller.

In Season 2/Episode 40, Ada tries to explain the reasons behind their deception to Nico, but he doesn't forgive her, so she and her sister leave Jam & Roller for good.

In Season 2/Episode 42, Nico mentions that Ada and Eva have joined another band.

Season 3

In Season 3/Episode 23, Ada returns to Jam & Roller and starts to work in cafeteria.

In Season 3/Episode 32, Ada invites Nico on a date and he agrees.

In Season 3/Episode 33, Ada and Nico go on a date and kiss for the first time.

In Season 3/Episode 37, after farewell party, Ada and Nico leave Buenos Aires and move to New York.


  • Since Sharon's sister is dead, Ada and Eva are the only characters in the show known to have a living sibling.


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