Ámtteo (Ám/bar and Ma/tteo) is the romantic pairing of Matteo Balsano and Ámbar Smith. They were already dating at the start of the series and stayed together until Season 1/Episode 18, where the broke up. They then dated again from Season 1/Episode 20 to Season 1/Episode 29. They got back together in Season 1/Episode 30, and remained a couple until Season 1/Episode 37. They got back together once more in Season 1/Episode 61, and broke up for the final time in Season 1/Episode 68.


Before the Show

It has been revealed that they had been dating for a long time before the show started, but it is unknown how long they have been together. It is at least known that they had been together for less than four years, since when Matteo's cousin Flor visited, she hadn't met Matteo nor bern to Buenos Aires for four years, and when she met Ámbar, it was for the first time.

Season 1

Ámbar tries multiple times to call Matteo while in Cancún, but he cannot hear her as he is with his friends.

Other Names

  • Ámbeo (Ámb/ar and Matt/eo)
  • Ámbartteo (Ámbar and Ma/tteo)
  • Mattámbar (Matt/eo and Ámbar)
  • Amtteo (Am/bar and Ma/tteo)
  • Mambar (Ma/tteo and Á/mbar)
  • Los Reyes de la Pista (The Royals of the Rink)



  • Both attend Blake South College.
  • Both live in Buenos Aires.
  • Both like rollerskating.
  • Both are good singers.


  • Ámbar has blonde hair, but Matteo has brown hair.
  • Matteo lives with his parents, but Ámbar lives with her godmother.
  • Matteo is Italian, but Ámbar is Argentine.
  • Matteo is in the acting class at Blake South College, but Ámbar is in the photography class.


  • Ámbar is sometimes shown to be jealous of Matteo and Luna's growing relationship.
  • Before their first break-up, Matteo was planning on breaking up with Ámbar, but Ámbar broke up with him first.
  • They were partners in the International Skating Competition, and were on the same team in the Intercontinental Skating Competition.
  • They are often called the "King and Queen of the Rink."
  • After Luna starts to develop romantic feelings toward Simón, Matteo begins to warm up to Ámbar again. She eventually breaks up with him, because she thinks he has changed and she does not want to date a loser.
  • Their ship name (Ámtteo) was confirmed on the official Soy Luna Facebook Page.[1]
  • They kissed four times.
  • Matteo sometimes gets jealous when Ámbar is with other boys, even though he broke up with her.
  • Matteo used to often have dinner with Ámbar and her godmother.
  • Both have used another person to make the other jealous (Ámbar: Sebastián; Matteo: Luna).


Song - The Ámtteo song could be "Prófugos" as it is a song that they wrote together. It could also be "Mírame a mí," a song they sang together at Open Music.

Episode - The Ámtteo episode could be Season 1/Episode 05, because they share their first on-screen kiss.

Color - The Ámtteo color could be gold, since they both come from rich households and when they were together were often called the "King and Queen of the Rink", and gold symbolizes wealth and royalty. The Ámtteo color could also be silver as they both wore silver when they sang the Ámtteo song Mírame a mí together.

Place - The Ámtteo place could be Jam & Roller, because they often skate there. The Ámtteo place could also be the Benson House's dining room, since they often had dinner there with Ámbar's godmother.


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